A Woman Shared Her Disgusting Experience Of Being Masturbated At During A College Fest

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6:47 pm 11 Mar, 2017

College festivals are all about fun, frolic and star power. But what happened with Meghna Singh, a student at Miranda House College in Delhi, is utterly disgusting.


Megha was at Crossroads Festival with her friends at the Sri Ram College Of Commerce. While she was enjoying singer KK’s performance, she felt that something fishy is happening near her. When she turned around, she noticed a guy. The guy was acting weird, and instantly, he ran away.

When she reached home, she found semen stains on her denims. In utmost shock, she realized that guy standing behind her was a pervert, and was jerking off in the middle of the crowd. She shared this awful incident on Facebook, and surprisingly this incident happened in broad daylight.

This is what she wrote,

The comments that followed her post were even more disgusting:


Speaking to a leading media channel, she said that she was prepared for the backlash,

I was sure that I would receive such hate comments. But it doesn’t bother me. It happened in front of me and I know the difference between semen and other liquids. I could see the discharge on my jeans.

It is unfortunate to see that people are disgracing her post, instead of appreciating such a bold move.




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