19 Signs That Prove You Are Made To Start A Start-Up

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8:00 pm 16 Jul, 2015

Are you one of those freaks who endlessly stare at the night sky and consciously think about the next big revolutionary idea that could change the world? If yes then I believe that God has programmed you differently and your entrepreneurship genes are super active. Just remember that every global enterprise began as a start-up. Here are a few signs which might prove that you are the next big name in the business world.

1. The first spark.

You knew the meaning of  the word “Entrepreneur” before your school friends learned to spell it. True story!


2. Your national anthem during school days.

Job kisko karni hai, Main to business karunga.”


3. The passion is ignited.

You didn’t know how to act but still auditioned for the role of Dhirubhai Ambani for Mani Ratnam’s Bollywood flick ‘Guru’.

And your reaction after the rejection…


4. What’s in a name? Actually everything!

And if you are a girl, you fell in love with every boy with surname “Bansal” for obvious reasons.

Your immediate reaction when someone introduces you to the “Bansals”.


5. The rebel mode.

When you reached the age of 17, your parents advised you to stay away from alcohol but they didn’t know that you already broke your alcohol virginity a long time back.


6. The mad priorities.

You missed your girlfriend’s birthday party because the movie ‘Jobs’ was released on the very same day.

And the next day, you guys broke up.

7. The highly active entrepreneur genes.  

You have been saving your pocket money since you were 16 for your dream start-up.


8. “I cannot be hired”, and the stubbornness continues.

You gave all the placement companies of  your campus a big miss and instead read the book 7 habits of successful entrepreneurs sitting at home.


9. The final hurdle (still a hurdle)

And in case you reached the final interview round, you could never convince the interviewer as to why they should hire you.

10. Blessing in disguise.

While your friends were depressed on not getting placed after college, you took it as a blessing.


11. The non-believers vs you.

Everyone laughed at you when you told them about your business plans.


12. The Viral Fever caught you.

You actually watched the first episode of “Pitchers” the very next second it was uploaded on net.


Watched it a million times since then and still counting….

13. The natural misfit connection.

You have a special place in your heart for all the nerds and misfits because you are just one of them.


14. You and job portals have parted ways.

You never uploaded your resumes on Naukri, Shine and blah-blah job portals. No trashy emails in the morning. Yeah!


15. The “So Me” types.

You don’t gel well with 9 to 5 “Robots” and befriend every stranger who is into start-ups.


16. Your idea (ideal) space.

And even formed a WhatsApp group with them and named it “Future Tatas and Birlas”.


17. The non-Barney types.

The last time you suited up was when you attended the parent-teacher’s meeting in Class 10th. And people think you got no fashion !


18. You recite Hanuman Chalisa 108 times a day.

While your buddies are busy praying for a hot girlfriend/boyfriend, all you demand is for a right investor to help you. “Bhagawan bas funding dila do.”


19. The only reason you use the Internet. (Yeah! Except porn.)

To register for every goddamn entrepreneurship competitions happening in any part of the world


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