A Pani Puri Wala Pisses In His Apparatus Which He Uses To Serve Pani Puri . This Is Outrageously Sick

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11:59 am 8 Jan, 2018

It is hard to describe the pathetic times we live in and how humans have become more dreadful than animals. We have been so ignorant that we are, unknowingly, becoming each other’s enemies.

We recently stumbled upon an awful video where a Pani Puri wala was recorded peeing in the same apparatus with which he serves the pani puri. I mean, how insensible and sick one can be?



The video shows a pani puri seller picking up his apparatus, turning his head to see if anyone is watching him, and then, he secretly pisses in the apparatus.The worst part is that he keeps the apparatus back with his other steel apparatuses which he uses to make pani puri.

This moronic guy has no idea how this one mistake can affect the health of hundreds of people.



In the times when movies like ‘Toilet Ek Prem Katha’ are given national fame, people are still very much practicing their old, filthy ways. The change is yet very very far away.

Hence, it is rightly advised to avoid the local street food because sellers don’t give a fuck about hygiene. You might enjoy eating those inviting pani puris for few seconds but in reality, you are playing with your health.

Watch this shocking video of a pani puri wala and I believe that you will never ever have a pani puri from the streets again.



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