A Missed Call is All You Need to Save Hundreds and Thousands of Animals in India

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4:22 pm 26 Aug, 2016

Animals have equal rights to live. But, unfortunately humans often refuse to acknowledge this simple fact in the wake of rising  inhuman incidents against animals, particularly dogs.  It is imperative now that we take collective responsibility and do something real to protect the lesser privileged companions of mankind.


We must stop killings of stray dogs, who are put to death because people simply ‘dislike’ them. You don’t kill your neighbour whom you dislike, because the act is punishable by law. Why kill stray dogs then? We have had incidents in the past when dogs have people have inhumanly abused dogs, and strangely thrown them of roofs, just for the sake of amusement.


To save the dog world from such harassment at the hands of mortal humans, Frendicoes, a 35 year old establishment based in Delhi has come up with a brilliant idea. With support from animal lovers, they wish to push the government to pass the Animal Welfare Bill.

Once passed, this law will list down punishments for violators of animal rights for animal abuse and their mistreatment. Finally, humans will be accountable for their inhuman actions.

How can you support the cause? Just put your vote in favour of the Bill by simply giving a missed all on a toll free number –  1800-30000-5581.

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