A Hindu Man And A Muslim Man Gave Their Kidneys To Save The Lives Of Each Other’s Wives

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1:01 pm 13 Sep, 2016

In a very beautiful humanitarian gesture two men, a Hindu and a Muslim, saved the lives of each other’s wives by donating a kidney each.

The incident happened at a private hospital in Jaipur where the wives of Vinod Mehra and Anwar Ahmed were admitted.




The kidneys of both Anita Mehra, from Hasanpur, and Tasleem Jahan, from Ajmere Gate, had failed. Doctors discovered that Anita’s blood group was B positive and Tasleem’s was A positive.

When the doctors found that Anita’s husband had A positive blood group and Tasleem’s husband had B positive blood group, they suggested that the husband’s donate one of their kidneys to each other’s wives.


Both Vinod and Anwar agreed.

According to reports, the Human Organ Transplant Act allows swap kidney transplant.

Another unique aspect of this donation is that the donors were males. In most cases, the donors are females.

The transplant was done on September 2.

Speaking to ANI, an elated Vinod and Anwar said that they are extremely happy that their wives will be able to make a fresh start to their lives.

“I will celebrate this Eid-ul-Adha with more fervour, all thanks to Vinod. He has given his kidney to my wife. My wife is doing well now and recovering. I have a respect to Vinod bhai as he has given his kidney to my wife,” Ahmed told TOI. While Mehra reportedly said, “If it is Eid-Ul-Azha for Ahmed, it is no less than Diwali for me”.

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