Bangalore Cop Thrashed ‘A Good Samaritan’ For Helping An Ambulance Driver

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2:00 pm 16 Nov, 2015

Many times you must have seen an ambulance that has a person fighting between life and death stuck in traffic. You hardly see anyone attempting to help the ambulance because most of us do no concern ourselves with others’well-being

This good Samaritan from Bangalore removed the rope that acted as a barrier…



…to make a way for an ambulance stuck in traffic.



As the ambulance left, a cop reached the site and grabbed the man…



…he simply ignored the reason behind the Samaritan’s act.



The policeman thrashed the Good Samaritan…



…that led the man to approach other authorities to get the matter resolved.


The nation now has to decide: ‘Shouldn’t authorities give some leeway to people in cases such as these?’ Watch the full video and let us know.


Credit: NEWS9


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