A Dog Saves A Malnourished Kid’s Life By Breast-Feeding Him

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6:15 pm 18 Sep, 2015

The English idiom ‘gone to the dogs’ is used to describe a situation where things have turned out to be worse. But it seems that the man’s best friend is far better than the humans themselves.

In a bizarre case, the life of a two-year-old toddler was saved by a pregnant dog when she breastfed the kid who was abandoned by his own mother.

The incident happened in Arica province of Chile. The toddler’s neighbour spotted the dog feeding the kid.

The neighbour told the media that the mother of the kid is very much alive, is drunk and had abandoned the toddler.


A report said that the neighbour witnessed the dog breastfeeding the kid in a mechanic’s warehouse in the desert port town of Arica and immediately informed the authorities.

After medically examining the kid, it was found that he was severely malnourished and was suffering from skin and lice infection. He was then taken to a hospital in San Diego.



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