A Girl Who Fought To Be Herself: The Story Of Yogesh’s Struggle To Become Manvi

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1:14 pm 30 Apr, 2016

This is the story of  yesterday’s Yogesh who has become Manvi today. Feeling like a woman trapped in a male body, Yogesh underwent a sex change operation and became the beautiful woman she is.

The journey was tough but Manvi bloomed, crossing all the hurdles.



No matter how much she had to suffer, she listened to her inner call and got what nature didn’t gift her.

After living a frustrated life as a transgender, at the age of 30 she finally became what she always wanted to be.

“Now I want to live like a woman and not like a transgender,” Manvi said.



Just like other Indian families, Yogesh’s family celebrated when he was born. Giving birth to a male child has always been a great thing in our country.

Yogesh was from Bharuch, Gujarat. Manvi says that everything was going fine till she started noticing the changes within herself. She noticed the changes in her body and behavior that hardly mattered to others.



As Yogesh grew up, he started liking female attire. He loved to dress like a woman. His body language started portraying his inner want. People and family started to scold him.

He became a sort of joke for his schoolmates. Life wasn’t treating him good.



Yogesh shared the helplessness he faced on the way to becoming Manvi:

This irked my family and they scolded me. I have accepted myself as a girl but because of family pressure I had to complete my studies as a boy. I did my schooling from my village school and at that time most of my friends were girls. I also wanted to dress like them but was not allowed.



He completed his schooling as a boy but everything that happened was forced onto him.

“After school, I got admitted in a College in Bharuch distinct. I was the butt of all jokes because of my girlish behavior but I was not bothered about those things,” Manvi added.



Once he met a transgender, Yogesh joined their group. He used to dress like them and accompany them. But due to his hard luck, a neighbor saw him. In other words, things got worse.



I was beaten when I returned and then I decided to run away from my home. After I joined transgender’s group, I was asked to get the genital piercing done and become a transgender. But I refused it because I didn’t want to live like them. I was with them for 6-7 months and I cannot forget those days.



Life was giving him lemons but he decided to make a zingy lemonade with it.

Yogesh met a trangender named ‘Mamu’ with whom he shared his life story and the problems he faced. Mamu took him to Lakshay Trust where Yogesh got the job of project manager. Manvi says that she never wanted to live a life of a transgender. She always wanted to be a proper woman.



Manvi shared how she managed to get her sex change operation:

I started taking prescribed hormones two years ago to look exactly like a girl and saved money for sex change operation.



Manvi also expressed her desire to become a mother. She has become a woman and now she want to be a mommy.

Doctors will be able to clarify on this only after some time, but I am sure there must be technology that will help me in becoming a mother.

We just hope Manvi fulfills all her dreams. There is a long way to go. India is changing and so is our society. We can just look forward to more people who accept others’ need to find their true selves and live in harmony with each other.

Source: Daily Bhaskar
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