9 Worst Movies That Won The Best Picture At The Academy Awards

4:34 am 21 Sep, 2013

Academy Awards are known to honor the very best in the cinematic world. Only superlatives are known to go back home with coveted trophies, while the lesser ones are limited to celebrate the triumph with claps. But, there are plenteous instances when the very best are left behind for no justified reasons. Here are top 10 worst movies that won the Best Picture at the Academy Awards.

9. The King’s Speech:

This 2010 release, is surely one of the best ever directed movies in the past 50 years but it seriously lacked treatment that qualifies a movie for the Best Picture at the Academy Awards. A guy overcoming his speech impediment to come out victorious in the end is very satisfying and emotional but tears shouldn’t be the only criteria to win Oscars.

The King’s Speech

8. The Broadway Melody:

The fact that this movie was the first sound film ever to win the most coveted award makes it memorable for historians. However, revisiting the movie will make you realize that the movie was completely unworthy of the recognition bestowed. It’s a simple prosaic and entirely monotonous production that doesn’t boast of quality or even a moving music score. Of course, retrospective analysis can change many a things for once and all.

The Broadway Melody

7. Chicago:

Rob Marshall’s Best Picture, 2002’s Chicago seems to be the sure shot byproduct of a bias. The 2002 release starring Catherine Zeta Jones is so much high on musical numbers that extravagance creeps in from nowhere every-time you watch the flick. The movie appears too glossy at times and seems to be flying on hyperkinetic thinking. This overly stylized movie rarely let its characters speak.


6. How Green Was My Valley:

Jon Ford walked away with the trophy for the Best Director in the year 1941 for this picture. Known for his landmark work in projects such as ‘How the West was Won’ (1962) and The Searchers (1956), Jon was expected to coming harder with ‘How Green Was My Valley’. More disappointment sets in when one knows the movie defeated classics such as Orson Welles’s ‘Seminal’ and ‘Citizen Kane’.

How Green Was My Valley

5. Oliver!

The movie was released in 1968 and was one of the most undeserving films of the year, and yet it bagged the Academy Award for the best picture. Maybe the jury of the day was more interested in dances and musical scores than some real grasping stuff.


4. The Greatest Show on Earth:

The two and half hours long movie is virtually plot less and devoid of any depth to say the least. If organizing a large scale circus disguised as sumptuous spectacle is what qualifies a movie for Academy awards then many other flicks with more pitiable scripts can qualify as well. But, this 1952 movie proffers a lot to the small kids who found overcharged Charlton Heston enthralling.

The Greatest Show on Earth

3. Shakespeare in Love:

The movie that can be seriously listed as the most loosely scripted flicks ever to be made, Shakespeare in love bypassed several other deserving movies such as ‘Ryan’ to grab the honors in the 1998 Academy Awards. But, the Oscars helped Gwyneth Paltrow to emerge as A-lister in Hollywood.

Shakespeare in Love

2. Crash:

Based around an emotional center and starry cast, the movie made quite a name for itself in the year 2004, but for all the blurred reasons. The movie that won the best picture award in the 78th Academy Awards came on top beating the much better movies in the race –‘Brokeback Mountain’, ‘Good Night, and Good Luck’. While some referred to this as an injustice to real talent, others called it win of evil over good. It paved way for the grossly scripted movies from thereon.


1. Around the World in 80 Days:

This predictable comedy movie of 1956 is commonly referred to as the worst Best Picture winner of all time. What makes the movie so awful? Almost everything right from the painful plot length (141 minutes) to overcrowded cast, and not so funny one liners makes the movie a shallow exercise. Even big names such as Frank Sinatra playing cameos, makes the flick look more like a celebrity parade than anything else. Maybe, the jury for the awards in that year felt otherwise.

Around the World in 80 Days

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