9 Ways To Propose Your College Dream Girl

3:00 am 10 Jan, 2014

No matter how much we deny this now and no matter how much we are different from each other, we all did have our share of college crushes! With college crushes, there are some peculiarities attached—no matter how much the girl likes the guy, she won’t ever show it; she won’t ever accept and propose to him; somehow, the gender normative roles gets imbibed upon a strict feminist too! Well, all these create a very mushy ground for the guy who doesn’t know what to do, how to do and stuff. Let’s look at some ways by which a guy can propose to his college dream girl.

9. Make use of Valentine’s Day:

Whether your girl is a nerd or fun-loving or simple or loud, she is definitely a believer in Valentine’s Day. The idea may appear to be a creepy one, but this actually works. Just say you love her on the V-day with a red rose or chocolates or a teddy bear—and you won’t get a denial unless you’re girl is already hooked!

9 Ways To Propose Your College Dream Girl

8. Don’t Overdo Anything:

Yes, we know it is Valentine’s Day and you’re so eager to propose to your lady love that you want to spend a month’s pocket money on her. Well, if she’s a bimbo then she’s going to love all the attention but if she’s really good and understands and worth all the attention, then she’s never going to say a “yes”. So, the trick is to understand the lady and do everything accordingly.

9 Ways To Propose Your College Dream Girl

7. Keep Her Bff into Confidence:

Okay, you might hate to admit, a girl always give more importance to her Best friend than to her boy friend. So, the best way to know about her or even to approach her is by being friends with her BFF first. In this way, you not only get to know about her but your position too gets cleared since she won’t ever question her BFF’s choice of friends!

9 Ways To Propose Your College Dream Girl

6. Ask her Out on a Casual Date First:

Don’t just jump to some conclusion and propose to her. Be calm and relax, and approach step by step. First step is to be pally with her and ask her out on a date. This will help in breaking the ice and will make both of you comfortable. One disclaimer: don’t forget to mention a “casual” date.

9 Ways To Propose Your College Dream Girl

5. Don’t Let Her Pay the Bills:

Girls would always want to pay the bills, but remember, it’s just their coyness and courtesy that prompts them to do so. Don’t ever go by the flow and let her pay the bills. Well, on the other hand, you may do so—if you’re dissatisfied with the girl or genuinely think she’s a wrong choice! It might sound funny, but it works!

9 Ways To Propose Your College Dream Girl

4. Come Closer by Some Valid Excuse:

By “closer” we don’t mean physical intimacy but close enough to be in the league of her friends. If you’re not friends with your crush, make the excuse of some missing study notes (old, but gold) and spend some extra time with her sans any disturbances. But don’t do this too regularly; it might hamper your relationship as well as your career!

9 Ways To Propose Your College Dream Girl

3. Go Out on Gang Outings:

We know you want to spend some time exclusively with her, but the first step is to go out with the gang, because you’ll act sane only when in comfortable company. For gang outings, movies are always a safe but great option—but don’t let any leaves unturned to get the seat next to her—those exchange of pop-corns and chips always work wonders!

9 Ways To Propose Your College Dream Girl

2. Prom Night Partner:

If there’s a prom night, make sure you have her as your partner. Although a western concept, almost all colleges have prom nights and dances held annually. Make sure you get enough of it.

9 Ways To Propose Your College Dream Girl

1. Ring proposal:

Well, every girl wants to be proposed with a ring, in some private but intimate party. If you’re sure of proposing to her, then go ahead—buy a ring, go down your knees and propose to her at the peak hour of a party. Or, better, at bang-on 12 o’clock, if it’s a New Year’s Party!

9 Ways To Propose Your College Dream Girl

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