9 Lessons You Learn From Mr. Walter White

4:25 pm 14 Oct, 2013

Breaking Bad has celebrated decadence through its storyline and its script has mystified the audience between good and evil. The protagonist, Walter White teaches us a great many lessons despite his villainous approach towards life and things around. Walter White’s psychological evolution over the period of time, and the skyrocketing of his badassery shouldn’t be enjoyed as wow-so-fantastic  moments of a TV show. I said this because Mr. White’s character is a cosmic pool of some valuable life-lessons, and viewers need to understand them rather than watching it like a mindless zombie.

9. Must Keep a Good Lawyer by Your Side:

In today’s world, where every second person is your critic and ready to sue you up for calling his dog a sheep, legal backing is the most important trick of the game. Hence, good lawyers play imperative role in building up businesses. Walter’s lawyer proves the point comprehensively every time he lands up in a sticky situation.

Must Keep a Good Lawyer by Your Side

8. Education Earn You Riches:

Walter White explained through the drama series how you can earn millions if you possess good understanding of your subject. In Walter’s case ‘Chemistry’ did the trick when he took to producing crystal meth. The series gives out a loud and clear message to youngsters that only education can earn you riches other than basic understanding of the world around you.

Education Earn You Riches

7. Herd Mentality Does not Help:

Out-of-the-box thinking is what makes you stand out from the league. Only those who know how to kick the ‘herd-mentality’ emerge as geniuses in the strange walk of life. Walter White created a path for himself utilizing his strong points and made riches. If a financially strapped school teacher could do what Walter did, why can’t you?

Herd Mentality Does not Help

6. Execution is as important as Planning:

Although, Walter White had a full-proof plan on his side, he knew it’s just one side of equation. He then roped in his student Jesse Pinkman into his plan. Together they came up with such an execution map that made them successful at every step. This shows unless you are good at executing things, strategic plans rarely succeed.

Execution is as important as Planning

5. A Company Is As Good As Its Products:

Walter always knew that his super potent product, blue sky crystal meth will rake huge moolah for him. So, a company is as good as the product it manufactures/sells. Look back into the contemporary history and find out for yourself what the talk is all about. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are the finest examples of the universal rule.

A Company Is As Good As Its Products

4. Chemistry Can Be Put Into Practical Applications:

‘Breaking Bad’ viewers must have learnt by now about the daily life applications of ‘Chemistry’. Walter with his super brilliant acumen in chemistry proffered various useful tips to the drama watchers. For instance, it’s much easier to decompose body in a plastic container using certain chemicals than in bathtub.

Chemistry Can Be Put Into Practical Applications

3. Seek Revenge Methodically:

Walter’s character has always been associated with a strange madness. He did go berserk in his actions, but included a pinch of rationale at all times. His development of crystal meth, followed by the planning to sell it was a genius journey planned and implemented by him.

Seek Revenge Methodically

2. Super Genius Chemistry Professor:

Undoubtedly, Walter was a genius, in every respect.  He came up with ideas no one would have thought in their wildest dreams. Walter’s character tells us to be at the top, no matter what’s the nature of your profession. Only geniuses are remembered by the world.

Super Genius Chemistry Professor

1. Family is the Most Important Part of Life:

Walter learnt it the hard way that family is the most important part of life. His entering into drug dealing led to his son and wife deride him and brother in-law killed. It hurts when in spite of making enough riches, there is no one around to be a part of your celebration. Sadly, Walter was late in expressing his love for his family and was not able to justify to them his newly acquired professional ambitions.

Family is the Most Important Part of Life

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