The 9 Indian Drinks That You Will Simply Find Anywhere And Everywhere On The Go

5:00 am 4 Aug, 2014

No matter how much westernized we become and steer clear of Indian food due to the “calorie” content, as far as the Indian drinks are concerned, we can never say NO! They are lovable to us for numerous reasons—first of all, they are the best possible way to beat the hot and humid Indian weather, second of all, they are available almost everywhere—from the hi-end streets of the metros to the quaint villages, and thirdly, their taste is simply out of the world, and non-artificial. And, these were only a few reasons among innumerable. In this list, we shall find out those few (non alcoholic) drinks that come up as saviors during the irresistible heat waves—

9. Sugarcane juice

Sugarcane may be a fruit of source, but when we talk about fruit juices, it is strictly not included in it. It creates a legacy of its own. Summers are strictly incomplete without this sugary drink. A glass of raw juice added with a pinch of black salt, lemon juice and crushed ice creates wonder to beat the heat of summer.

Sugarcane juice

8. Pudina sherbet

This cool and refreshing drink is like an energy booster in sultry tropical summers. May be it doesn’t have that attractive sugary taste, but it surely gives that immense pleasure, which can easily revive the entire body and soul from getting exhausted in the heat of summers.

Pudina sherbet

7. Jal jeera

This is the best energizing and pocket friendly drink ever! No matter how badly broke you are, but this affordable drink will always make you and your pocket happy. The chilling combination of salt and spice makes this drink not only a summer superhit, but it also attracts its lovers all throughout the year.

Jal jeera

6. Nimboo Pani

This good old drink has many loyal followers. This tasty and cost effective drink quenches your thirst like nothing else. On a good summer day a glass of fresh nimboo pani is probably all you need. We don’t need to tell you the recipe for it, do we?

Nimboo Pani

5. Lassi

This delicious and healthful yoghurt based drink is immensely refreshing during the summers. They are found in two different varieties, one is traditionally unsweetened yoghurt mixed with a pinch of salt, spices and crushed ginger. The type which has become very popular, is the sweetened lassi made with malai and rose water. Both of them have heavenly refreshing tastes of their own.


4. Thandai

This absolute delicious North Indian drink is famous for its mesmerizing aromatic flavors. They have that strong taste of various kinds of nuts mixed with milk cream, colourful saffron and aromatic rose petals, which not only chills the heat but is also a delicious Hindu traditional festive delicacy. Last but not the least it fills the stomach as well. And, do we need to say anything about what happens when a pinch of bhang is added to it.


3. Aam Panna

The tangy and mouthwatering taste of aam panna is just perfect to beat the thirst of summers. Its refreshing taste acts as a natural heat resistant. The tangy flavours of boiled raw mangoes are the natural thirst quenchers. It is an ultimate summer drink which you can find anywhere and everywhere on the go.

Aam Panna

2. Fruit Juice

Apple, watermelon, guava, orange, mango whatever fruits you think of, you get everything freshly made sans any water or soda. These pulpy drinks have unique tastes of their own and serve as an excellent summer treat. No matter how much bore we feel to chew fruits but we can never say no to these chilled, tasty and refreshing summer sippers.

Fruit Juice

1. Sattu Sherbet

Sattu sharbat is a unique and reviving drink made from a mixture of ground pulses and roasted gram flour. It is not only an excellent summer drink, but also helps in weight reduction. So if you want something really refreshing and filling then forget everything and go for this.

Sattu Sherbet

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