8 Ways To Spot An Evil Mother-in-Law

5:36 pm 31 Oct, 2013

The happiness of finding true love is often accompanied by the sadness of having to deal with a mother-in-law. There is no explanation as to why a motherly figure often turns into a monster when accepting the spouse of her child. A popular joke goes – Since God couldn’t b everywhere he made a mother. Then devil who did not want to fall behind created a mother-in-law. Some women accept the role of being mother-in-law gracefully, so much that they are loved, respected and welcomed like a mother into their children’s homes. However, this does not happen too often. People end up with evil mother-in-laws who are hell bent on spoiling the happiness of the young couple. If you are lucky enough, you may spot an evil mother-in-law with the help of the 8 signs listed below, so that you can precautionary steps in future.

8. Shows more interest in your past than present:

An evil mother-in-law is very much interested in your past, be it which school you went to, what mistakes you made, who were you in love with and what you parents did in the past. She may go back in history and start digging out information even about your grandparents, but will not be interested in knowing who are today. A mother-in-law who is more interested in your past happenings than your present should clearly send a warning signals that she means trouble.

8 Ways To Spot An Evil Mother-in-Law

7. Creates secret ID on social sites to follow you:

An evil mother-in-law wants to spy on you – where you have been, what you have done and how you are enjoying with her child. Therefore she creates a secret ID on facebook or other social media to keep tabs on you. As facebook is an open book where you share almost everything, it gives her a pleasure to know everything before you tell her, or if you intend not to tell her.

8 Ways To Spot An Evil Mother-in-Law

6. She has perfect triggers to upset you:

You already had showdowns with your mother-in-law, which ended with few nights without you two looking at each other and want to avoid another showdown with her. You fail again and again, as she knows exactly what triggers you and when to push that button for maximum damage. She will not only create rift between you two for few more days, but leaves you hurting emotionally with her ways and words.

8 Ways To Spot An Evil Mother-in-Law

5. Uses guilt to manipulate you:

Evil mother-in-laws are experts in using your guilt to manipulate you do their bidding, especially if you are marrying their only child or if she is a widow. Though you know that you are being manipulated, you will give in so that you do not appear to be a monster to your spouse or children. A manipulative mother-in-law is overly dependent on her child so much that they have to drop everything and rush to meet her requirements. Emotionally she is always ten steps ahead of you and your spouse.

8 Ways To Spot An Evil Mother-in-Law

4. Blind to boundaries in relationship:

Every relationships has its boundaries, a mother child relationship is no exception. A mother-in-law who is blind to such boundaries is sending a warning sign of future problems. She will want to interfere and have her way in the wedding plans, your bedroom decoration, name of your child and also a say in your career. There is nothing personal about you that are out of boundaries for her. No matter how much you love your partner, how patient and tolerant you are; this is going to throw you off balance sooner or later.

8 Ways To Spot An Evil Mother-in-Law

3. Insists on doing things that irritate you:

There is some food you do not like to eat, a movie or soap opera you hate or a color you dislike; it will be thrown at you too often for you to ignore it as a co-incidence. All the time she has a smiling face and shows no knowledge of your likes or dislikes. She will be so subtle, that even if you mention that she is doing it to irritate you, your spouse is going to end up saying, “Do you even realize how ridiculous you sound?”

8 Ways To Spot An Evil Mother-in-Law

2. Never misses an opportunity to let you know you are not good enough for her child:

No matter how good a job you hold, how highly you are qualified, how good a cook you are; you fall way behind being good enough for her precious baby. If she only felt that way, you could manage to tolerate her; what makes it worse is that she tries to prove her point in front of everyone, especially your partner. Nothing you achieve can make her change the way she feels about you.

8 Ways To Spot An Evil Mother-in-Law

1. Backbites:

Backbiting and talking about you behind your back to her son/daughter is a sure sign of an evil mother-in-law. If the consequence is a blaring conflict between you and your partner, then it just underlines the evil intentions she has in her heart. Another evil strategy is to talk about the past relationships, evil doings or some aspect of her baby that would make you uneasy. This will again lead to an argument and leaves behind a feeling of insecurity in your heart about your partner.

8 Ways To Spot An Evil Mother-in-Law

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