8 Ways To Give Hints To A Guy That You Like Him

11:00 pm 4 Jun, 2014

Girls and guys are perhaps poles apart in every sense. But when it’s about confessing the feeling of affection for the opposite, upshots are truly mind-boggling. Being a guy, I am in no doubt that if a chap likes a girl, he will make every possible effort to ensure that she knows it. However, things go to the nth degree when girls are in uniform footings and reactions will be diverse from top to bottom. I, myself have been an onlooker in quite a few of such cases, sometimes with my own friends and sometimes even on myself. However, from past encounters I’ve noticed many similarities in the way all girls react to the guy they like. Here’s a comprehensive list of the gestures and the hidden meaning decoded behind each girl reaction.

8. Let The Eyes And Smile Do The Talking

Nothing drives a man wilder than to what your eyes can do. Don’t just be spectators or a bird watcher. Be naughty, be wicked, be a cause of death with your eyes. Yes, I mean just kill him and let him keep haunting forever in your love. Let your sexy eyeballs follow him passionately and when he can’t stop gazing at you, just smile back and he is all yours.

Ways To Give Hints To A Guy

7. Give Him A Passionate Touch Of Affection

If the previous step doesn’t seem to work very well, it can be a case of farsightedness or presbyopia with the guy. As an alternative, I suggest to reveal your feelings with a slightest of brush against his arm or shoulder. A pluckier step would be a touch on his nose tip or lips. This beyond any doubt will be the thing he won’t ever forget for a long long time.

Ways To Give Hints To A Guy

6. Amalgamate Emotions With Expressions

Put your emotions in words and always be animated when you get a chance to converse with your guy. Be the one whom he likes to chew the fats with. Sound curious in talks and chirpy in jokes.

Ways To Give Hints To A Guy

5. Be Solicitous And Sharing

Guys aren’t as expressive as girls, but they too have emotions and the ride to win his heart is touching the cord untouched. Remember to share his personal life like you would do with your friends. Listen to the music he listens to and even watch a football game with him, nothing will make him feel more special. Give him a nickname and be the only one who calls him that way.

Ways To Give Hints To A Guy

4. Sound Engaging While You Tease And Have Fun

Love certainly starts with some chitchat, some tease, some sweet revenge and some winning. Be fun to be around with. Be real and let the kid in you direct your heart and mind when you are with him. Tease him with his unknown things and shower him with flattering remarks for his charming personality.

Ways To Give Hints To A Guy

3. Conquest His Time, His Routine And His Mind

From dress to text, you just need to aim at winning his heart. When around with him dress to the nines and be the one thing on his mind. Don’t win him from his friends, but engage in his life like a confidant. Preferably meet him on a regular basis and look up at him as your special someone.

Ways To Give Hints To A Guy

2. Hangout And Share Some Private Moments

Nor texting or gifts can prove to be better than spending quality time with your dear ones. In order to make the guy realize your passion for him, you got to enhance your communication levels and make every possible effort to share some quality private time with him. Hang out on weekends for a coffee, movie, lunch or a dinner and that too at his favorite place.

Ways To Give Hints To A Guy

1. Show Your Affection With Gifts And Surprises

As girls love receiving gifts, so do guys. Because you are too crazy for him, you probably know a lot about his likes and interests. Well, utilize the information as a weapon and send him surprise gifts not only on his birthday, but whenever you feel like. Make him feel special and soon he will understand your feelings for him.

Ways To Give Hints To A Guy

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