8 Reasons Why Kolkata Trams Must Never Be Stopped

7:00 am 16 Jun, 2014

Trams have been an intrinsic part of Kolkata’s identity since ages. It is the oldest one in Asia and is still running around and connecting different parts of the city since decades. Even if we don’t look at it as a vintage accessory, trams had been and still are one of the major sources of transport to thousands of Calcuttans. However, talks have been circulating about the abolition of the same. So, here we are with some of the reasons and arguments which shout out loud against the abolition of the trams. Here we go—

8. History Rules!

We love to take pride in our past! And, if be the case with you too, then you will love to know that it is the oldest operating electric tram network in Asia, and the only one left in India. So, at least for the sake of preserving the antics of the bygone ages, there’s an urgent need to keep the trams running!

 Reasons Why Kolkata Trams Must Never Be Stopped

7. Spacious and Non-claustrophobic

Those of you who travel regularly by public transport in Kolkata would swear by this one. Among all the buses, autos and mini buses that ply on the streets and roads of Kolkata every day, trams are the most airy ones with its huge windows and huge open doors. And, in Kolkata where during the hotter months humidity becomes one of the biggest antagonists to mankind, trams are always a savior.

 Reasons Why Kolkata Trams Must Never Be Stopped

6. Greater Seating Capacity than the Buses

Sometimes we do make fun of the trams not knowing the fact that it can seat around 60 passengers comfortably (and 70, if you don’t want comfort!), and can carry around 200 passengers (including the standing lot) at one go! Whoa! Yes, it’s much more than the public buses that ply regularly.

 Reasons Why Kolkata Trams Must Never Be Stopped

5. It’s the most Eco-friendly Way of Traveling

In Kolkata, where CNG buses are but still a distant dream, trams are the best and most eco-friendly way of traveling. Yes, you’ve got the autos too, but here those are mostly shuttle ones plying between fixed destinations, and in the main city centers, autos are a strict No-No. Hence, one is left but only one option to go with—the trams! So, if you’re all for the preservation of the environment, you can never say NO to the electric trams!

 Reasons Why Kolkata Trams Must Never Be Stopped

4. Takes All the Short Cuts Available

Unlike the buses and minibuses, the trams seem like an agent of some nonprofit organization because it takes innumerable (as many possible) short cuts available to reach its destination. Yes, many of you might complain of it being slow, but the fact that it takes numerous short cuts to cut down on the time, is not left unacknowledged. Sigh!

 Reasons Why Kolkata Trams Must Never Be Stopped

3. It Creates Jam?! Heck, NO!

Many people (the bus goers) are of the notion that tram creates traffic jam. Please sirs/madams, get your notion corrected. It’s actually the other way round—the trams have their fixed tracks to run on; it is always the public and private vehicles which, for the love of overtaking, leave their own courses and starts running over and clogging the tracks!

 Reasons Why Kolkata Trams Must Never Be Stopped

2. Cheaper than the rest!

With 5 bucks for the “first class” and 4.5 bucks for the “second class” over much longer distance, trams are the cheapest modes of transportation in Kolkata! Hence, everyone from all the classes can very well afford to travel by it. Although with distance the fare increases, it is never too high! It’s, in fact, the lifeline of many people staying especially near North and Central Kolkata. And yes, the tram conductors don’t create any fuss while giving chhutta paisa—a problem that each and every public transport traveler has to face daily in Kolkata!

 Reasons Why Kolkata Trams Must Never Be Stopped

1. Traveling Becomes Fun

There’s nothing like traveling in a tram through the Maidan area of Kolkata. The ride is one of the best (it takes you through the meadows where no skyscrapers distract your vicinity) which gets even better on misty winter mornings and rainy days! It’s nothing short of Bliss!

 Reasons Why Kolkata Trams Must Never Be Stopped

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