8 Reasons Behind the Huge Media Coverage of Royal Baby

7:24 am 29 Jul, 2013

He’s come, finally. After 9 whole months (or maybe a little less) of daily news about morning sickness, sneaky belly pictures clad in designer dresses and enthusiastic debates about how many grams/arm Kate had put on, the Royal Baby arrived. Fanfare was expected. And a huge media coverage, of course! If you are one of those who cannot see any reasonable explanation behind the hullabaloo, join the gang, but do look at our list of 8 reasons behind the huge media coverage of the Royal Baby, in ascending order of importance.

8. Nothing else happening:

Sometimes, all else seems like nothing and cameras feel under-employed. The trending news from Britain for that week? Alan Patridge on how he became a national treasure. Yawn! Royalty being born is a much better option!

reasons behind huge media coverage of Royal Baby


7. A week, no less:

Did you know? The media was stationed outside the hospital for a whole week to catch those first few seconds of the baby’s emergence. Sources tell us some even tried to bribe the door keeper to enter the delivery room to cover the event of such massive proportions right from when the curious baby emerges into the inquisitive world. No, it not happen! What did happen? Survival, on cups of coffee and shared food by the road side, sleeping on the pavement and perhaps even tents? When you live like that for a week, you have to cover the event, hugely and hungrily. It’s only being fair to your own self, and doing justice to the peanuts you get from your media house for what you like to believe is meaningful work.

reasons behind huge media coverage pf Royal Baby


6. A town crier:

I challenge you to switch from one channel to the other, through all the 4000 that you have subscribed to with your hard-earned money, and find me one with a man dressed in feathers. (No, I do not mean those kind of channels). The huge media coverage was not just for the royal baby, but also for the town-crier, a sight you do not get to see in times we call normal and un-royal. So what if he was not officially given the task to do what he did, and is a master of ceremonies for weddings and parties most times. Imagine what love he must have held for the royals to have worn that and done that. Such dedication and drama is soul food for the media. And certainly had the cameras rolling for those few extra hours.

reasons behind the huge media coverage of Royal Baby


5. Indian royal baby nowhere in sight:

India’s evergreen most-eligible bachelor, RG, continues as exactly that, a most-eligible bachelor since times immemorial. The throne, the crown, the media coverage is in place, but he is yet to make-up his mind about who/what he wants to marry – a woman (any nationality) or politics (only Indian). Hence, it is understandable that a major chunk of our population in India was tuned into the channels covering the royal baby in Britain, and lapping up newspapers printing pictures of him with his family. After all, it is going to be a while when our own prince delivers, political results as well as a dynastically royal baby with his wife.

easons behind huge media coverage of Royal Baby


4. 3rd to the throne:

George Alexander Louis is not just a big name of a big-sized new born boy. It belongs to none less than the 3rd heir to that gilded bejeweled throne in Buckingham Palace,  waiting for him to grow bigger (and for the rest to make way) to take his rightful place on it. Time flies, and just like that, after tries at academic excellence, a comfortable stint in the army and a little volunteer work later Prince George Alexander Louis will wear the crown too. If you ask me, with a name like that in today’s times, a crown and a kingdom is the least that I deserve!

reasons behind huge media coverage of Royal Baby


3. For the world of fashion:

The huge media coverage was also a result of acclaimed designers, beauty bloggers and hole-in-wall tailors who were waiting with bated breath and inch tapes around the necks to see what, not just Kate but the baby too wears for his first public appearance. (What William wears is usually not important to the fashionista’s well-being so I exclude him). Trends were waiting to be set, and copied. And with the fashion industry, which sells hankerchiefs studded with Szvarovski, contributing to the world’s GDP, it was not a moment to be missed. With needle and thread in hand, and scissors close-by, the very life-breath of the world of fashion depended on the media coverage of the royal baby.

reasons behind the huge media coverage of Royal Baby


2. Royalty cleaner than Polity:

British politics has had its share of sarkari shame and serious scandals. The occupants of the palace, on the other hand, make news too off-and-on, but only Mischievous Misdemeanors of the Majestic Kind, which are better than the grime and dirt that polity comes laden with, anywhere in the world. Okay. So Pippa wrote a cook book on ‘How to cut a sandwich into half’ and Harry is partying with an exposed behind, when he isn’t busy donning Hitler’s uniform. But all that, combined, remains cleaner than polity, and forgiven as signature stuff of those spoilt by the silver spoon, perhaps. Hence, preference for all things royal over all things political.

reasons behind huge media coverage of royal baby

1. What people want to see:

You get what you want. And so, we got the coverage that our ever-ready-to-pry eyes wanted to see. And we loved every pixel of what the TV screens flashed, second-to-second. Children skipped school, offices declared it a national holiday and all cricket matches were cancelled. Okay! I’m joking, but it was as bad. If you think your wife knows you most, you are wrong. Your news anchor probably does, or the one sitting and making (up) stories for your favorite features page on your national daily. They know your mind, and mine. And they deliver a dish that we are desperate to consume. They may play it on and on, same princely wave same regal smile with close and closer ups of those cherubin cheeks, but we watch it. Why would the media want to cover the darker side of the moon under the circumstances?

reasons behind huge media coverage of Royal Baby

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