8 Music Icons Known For Their Shady Past

5:24 am 2 Nov, 2013

Music, stardom and problems with law seem to be on the same page sometimes. There have been many instances of music icons being arrested for scuffles, possession of drug and arms, driving under influence, murders and sexual assaults etc. As you’d guess there are many stories, some specific and shocking, some plain ridicule. Most musicians have had problems with law only after reaching the pinnacle of fame, but there have been some who have had gloomy beginnings in life but have eventually managed to attain stardom in the respective genres. We’ve dived into the depths of time and have compiled for you a list of 8 music icons that are known for their shady past.

8. Eminem:

Ranked 82nd in Rolling Stone magazines’ list of 100 greatest artists of all time, American rapper, record producer and songwriter, Eminem started his rapping career when he was only 14. Eminem’s troubles begun from within the family itself, Having a bad married live, Eminem was sued by his mother over alleged slander about her in his lyrics regarding “The Slim Shady LP”. His mother won approximately $1,600 in damages. In 2000, before going on to with Academy Award and the Grammy Award several times in 2000s, Eminem was charged with assault and concealing weapons. In 2001 again the famous American rapper was charge with concealing of weapons.

8 Music Icons Known For Their Shady Past

7. Snoop Dogg:

Producer, songwriter and rapper Calvin Cordozar Broadus, famously known as Snoop Dogg has been very successful and iconic musician. Like most of the others in the list, Snoop Dogg has a criminal record since teenage. Snoop, was first arrested in 1990 (when only a teenager) for possession of cocaine. He was the stopped for traffic violation and possession of weapons in 1993 and 1997. In 1998 and again in 2001, Snoop was caught with illegal marijuana.

8 Music Icons Known For Their Shady Past

6. DMX:

Earl Simmons, better known by his stage names Dark Man X or DMX is one of the most famous American actor and rapper. Having been through a abusive childhood, DMX has varied criminal record. His frustration from early life is well evident from his debut solo “Born Loser”. After becoming a music icon, DMX has been arrested on numerous occasions for offences like animal cruelty, drug possession and reckless driving. DMX also has been tried for rape and identity falsification.

8 Music Icons Known For Their Shady Past

5. James Brown:

The iconic American recording artist and musician, James Brown, better referred to as Godfather of Soul was no stranger to jails. James was first imprisoned for theft when he was only a teenager. Later in 1988 James served three years imprisonment for charges of possession of weapons and drugs. Besides crossing paths with police on various other instances for crimes ranging from drug possession to domestic violence, James is the only artist who has charted the most singles on Billboard Hot 100 sans hitting the number one on the charts ever.

8 Music Icons Known For Their Shady Past

4. 50 Cent:

Curtis James Jackson III best known as 50 Cent is famous American rapper, entrepreneur and actor renowned for his album Get Rich or Die Tryin’ released in 2003, which has been certified eight times platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).But the celebrated rapist hasn’t been alien to a shady past. At 19, 50 Cent pleaded guilty of selling cocaine and heroin. He served 6 months in boot camp then. But that was enough; in 2002 he was again imprisoned for two years probation for assault.

8 Music Icons Known For Their Shady Past

3. Paul McCartney:

You may know Paul McCartney as the least controversial member of the Beatles. But the reality is that Sir Paul has been to the prison on two occasions. As a teenager in 1960, Paul along with then-Beatle drummer Pete Best allegedly attempted arson for which he was jailed and deported from Hamburg, Germany. He was later imprisoned in 1980 trying to take marijuana into Japan.

8 Music Icons Known For Their Shady Past

2. Axl Rose:

The amazing singer and part of Guns’N Roses, Axl Rose is as bad a boy as he is a singer. It may get impossible to detail his criminal record – all you can know is that the singer has been arrested more than 30 times. One of the most obnoxious acts’ by Axl that instigated arrest came in Sweden where he bit a security guard’s leg under influence of alcohol.

8 Music Icons Known For Their Shady Past

1. Merle Haggard:

Merle Haggard has a very interesting story. The ever famous country and Western song writer and singer, Haggard had a troubled life since teenage. IN his teen he was a frequent shoplifter and kept in and out of juvenile jail for the major time. 1950s Haggard was sent to San Quentin for three years for robbery. It was here that saw Johnny Cash perform, influenced to the core Haggard began recording as soon as he got out of the prison and never looked back.

8 Music Icons Known For Their Shady Past

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