8 Little Things That Are Subconsciously Ruling Our Lives

1:42 pm 20 Jan, 2014

Imagine a life where the world changes according to your perception. A world that could redefine its meaning and add new twists as time rolls on. It would be highly unstable, right? But the truth is that you are living in such a world right now. Wondering how? Well here’s a list of several little things that make you change your perception of things around you. The best part is that you are completely unaware of these phenomenons.

8. Looking at the color red slows down time

In the year 2011, a group of scientists hailing from London organized a bit weird experiment. They made several people bathe under lights of different color and asked them to report that how much time do they think has passed. The rather shocking result was that time appears to be longer under the red light. To be precise, one minute lasted about 11 seconds longer under red light. The logic is that red color makes us highly conscious and our brain starts flooding with details which in turn makes the time appear to slow down.

8 Little Things That Are Subconsciously Ruling Our Lives

7. Music affects the satisfaction you have from food

In 2012, few researchers in Illinois conducted a small test at a fast food restaurant by dividing it into 2 areas. In one area they played soft music with low light and the other area was left unchanged. They monitored the eating habits of people in both areas, and asked them to rate their feeling after eating their meals. After the test concluded, researchers found out that the people who sat in the area with soothing music enjoyed their time more and ate less of their meals while the people sitting in the other section didn’t think much and ate the entire meal.

8 Little Things That Are Subconsciously Ruling Our Lives

6. Stress changes the definition of attractiveness

A group of researchers from Newcastle University, UK conducted a pretty bizarre test on 81 individuals in the year 2012. They made 40 of those men as stressed out as possible and before they finally bursted into tears they made them see 10 pictures of women. These pictured ranged from women of different shapes and built and all the men were asked to rate the attractiveness of women in each picture. The results turned out to be highly unexpected as the stressed out individuals found the heavier ladies to be more attractive and the slim women were not impressive to them. This study concludes that men who are under stress are more likely to gravitate towards chubby girls.

8 Little Things That Are Subconsciously Ruling Our Lives

5. The mere thought of money affects your morals

Money is indeed making the world go crazy and to prove the same a joint group of researchers from Harvard and Utah University conducted an analytical test. The test was a mix of word games and business situations. The individuals who took the test were asked to make a business decision that had a moral component. During the test a certain group of people were subconsciously shown words like “buy”, “cost” and “spend” while others weren’t exposed to any money related words.

8 Little Things That Are Subconsciously Ruling Our Lives

The result turned out to be pretty interesting as the people who were not shown any money related word came up with ethically sound ideas while the other bunch was more interested in ideas involving deception and lying. The simple thought of money was enough to shake their morals and virtues of business.

4. Drinking coffee regularly can prevent suicides

Researchers at Harvard organized a massive study involving nearly 2 lac people that lasted for 20 years. During that time they monitored the suicide rate of people who did and did not drink coffee. Shockingly enough, they found that the people who drink even one cup of coffee in a day are 50% less likely to commit suicide. The reason was associated to caffeine as it is believed to act as a mild anti-depressant as it flourishes the production of neurotransmitters in human brain. But a thing to remember is that the consumption of coffee has to be controlled between 2-4 cups in a single day. If coffee consumption is very high then the chances of self-harm and suicides increase manifolds.

8 Little Things That Are Subconsciously Ruling Our Lives

3. Television can provoke sexist thoughts

In this modern age most of us are accustomed to watching television. Some stick to music channels, some to news while others are fond of watching TV series. According to a study published in the Journal of Communication we are very likely to develop sexist thoughts after watching a television show that features weak female characters. To demonstrate this researchers made 150 students watch one of these three shows: Gilmore Girls (balanced role), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (where the female character is the dominant figure) and a horror show (female character is abused). Then the individuals were asked different types of questions seeking their opinions about the male and female characters. Just like they thought, the people who watched the show where the female character is abused were too keen in talking about their sexist thoughts and less about the show in general.

8 Little Things That Are Subconsciously Ruling Our Lives

2. Fast food makes a beautiful art appear boring

A bunch of researchers based In Toronto gathered 200 people and made them see an image of fast food followed up by some artistic shots of nature. They wanted to demonstrate that the mere thought of fast food makes us drive impatient thoughts in our minds and it becomes hard to note finer details. The result, much to their amusement was exactly what they were debating for. Almost all the people who were shown the image of a fast food prior to a picture with natural beauty rated their feeling to be highly lower than others. The same test was carried out with a different group but in slightly different conditions. This time instead of showing them an artistic image they were made to listen to opera after witnessing an image of fast food. Just like the previous result the people who had the thought of fast food were finding the music hard to enjoy than those who saw normal pictures.

8 Little Things That Are Subconsciously Ruling Our Lives

1. Your gender changes the way you perceive time

Over the years, many different studies have propounded that women and men perceive time differently. In 1992, scientists carried out a test by putting several men and women in a dark, low noise room for some time and then asked them that how much time they think has passed. The participants came up with different answers and it was noted that there was a clear distinction in the amount of time perceived by men and women. Another study found out that women with a bad mood feel that the time is passing on with a much greater speed than their male counterparts. This is a highly debatable topic and coming down to a certain result is indeed very hard. But still it is very interesting to note that women and men might be perceiving the time way differently than we can imagine.

8 Little Things That Are Subconsciously Ruling Our Lives

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