8 Imaginary Locations You’d Love to Visit

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10:29 am 17 Dec, 2013

There is a long list of places that only exist in our imagination, but we are very familiar with them. Given a wish we would love to go and visit them. These places are unreal, exciting and hold a mystical value in them. In the world of imagination there is no limit and power to hold you back. So, here’s a list of 8 imaginary locations many of us fancy to visit. Take a look!

8. Minas Tirith:

If you watched ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies and loved them (like I did), you sure as hell would want to stand atop the roof of Minas Tirith, capital city of Gondor  at least once. How about paragliding over the vertically layered city of  Minas Tirith to Mordor (it’s safe now, thanks to Team Gandalf) or Rohan? Better still, you can ride with Gandalf and beat the shit out of some orcs hiding in the mountains.

8 Imaginary Locations You’d Love to Visit

7. Gotham City:

Gotham city is home to Batman, Gordon and Harvey Dent. It’s a happening place with flying cars and bombs going off at every nook and corner. It’s the place where Batman comes to save the city in his bat mobile. He takes on the bad guys and never ever gives up. The joker keeps popping up with his mischief and the catwoman still has to decide her loyalties.

8 Imaginary Locations You’d Love to Visit

6. Hogwarts:

Is a British boarding school where children are taught witchcraft, magic and wizadry, Hogwarts is located in Scotland, in the mountains near a loch. You will never find the school on a plot or on a map. The motto of the school is “Never tickle a sleeping dragon “. It is located in a large castle surrounded by extensive lawns, flower beds, a lake and a forbidden forest. There is also an owlery, where all owls are housed. If you don’t have permission you will only see ruins and abandoned grounds. Only when the chief master lifts the spell can you enter the school.

8 Imaginary Locations You’d Love to Visit

5. Monsters:

In the world of Monsters no children are allowed. They generate power for their city by scaring kids in the night. But they are scared of losing their scare factor, if touched by one. The monsters open their secret doors to kid’s bedroom and come and scare them.  Russel is huge monster, but he has a heart of a kid. He will never hurt a kid and always come to their rescue.

8 Imaginary Locations You’d Love to Visit

4. Narnia:

Was created by the great lion, Aslan, and is a fantasy world where talking animals and mythical creatures live. It consists of low hills that stretch to the south and has dense forests. The great river of Narnia flows from the northwest corner of the country till the Eastern Ocean. It is a multiverse of the Earth and mystical world of Charn. They are connected by a bridge like room called Wood between the worlds. Only selected humans or animals are allowed to enter Narnia.

8 Imaginary Locations You’d Love to Visit

3. Jurassic Park:

Jurassic Park is situated on the island of Isla Nublar, near Costa Rica. It is the last place on this earth where dinosaurs roam freely. There are Brachiosaurus and herds of Parasaurolophus in the pastures, making the island their home. The dinosaurs were cloned by extracting DNA from a mosquito that was fosilled in amber. There are different enclosures for all different species and technical security system in place, to avoid any mishaps.

8 Imaginary Locations You’d Love to Visit

2. Inception:

In a world of dreams and you can take flight to any corner of the world. With a dream in dream sequence we can enter anybody’s dream and plant our idea in his mind. Even extract an idea from their mind, however if the dreamer awakens, the whole plan collapses. You need to carry your extractor, which will indicate only to you, about your position. This is a powerful imaginary location where you have unlimited power and can destroy lives and world.

8 Imaginary Locations You’d Love to Visit

1. Pandora:

Avatar on a habitable moon of the star Alpha Centauri is inside a huge gas cloud. The precious mineral unobtanium is found here. The local tribes of Navi inhabitate the moon and people here have the mind of humans, but are physically far superior to them. They are ten foot tall, blue skinned and live with Mother Nature. They worship goddess Eywa. There are huge bird like creatures that fly freely – they’re called Toruk. Huge trees, which provide with all essentials, can be spotted all over. Special animals of prey, predators and domesticated creatures too. Navi defend their land against any outsiders and are a fighting clan.

8 Imaginary Locations You’d Love to Visit

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