8 Iconic Characters In The History Of Indian TV Shows

10:20 am 7 Nov, 2013

With the launch of Hum Log on 7th July, 1984, the saga of Indians with their regular soap operas began. When the director could have got away with anything as there was no competition back then, P. Kumar Vasudev came up with a wonderful drama that captivated the hearts of middle class Indians, as the story was about their daily struggles, their hopes and their ambitions. Since then, many characters have become a household name among the TV viewers. Comedians like Mungeri Lal, Wagle and many others have entertained families having them laughing hysterically with their antics. From the bold, the beautiful, super heroes to fumbling simpletons, there have been various characters that have climbed popularity charts. Here is the list of 8 such popular characters in the history of Indian TV shows.

8. Kalyani Singh (Udaan):

Kalyani went on with her task of serving the public as every police officer should, while at the same time she was becoming a role model for aspiring young women. The first Indian television show on woman empowerment, the story is said to be inspired by the actor/director Kavita Choudhary’s elder sister. Kavita Choudhary’s direction and performance was applauded by viewers and she went on to become a name people trusted.

8 Iconic Characters In The History Of Indian TV Shows

7. Lalloo (Hum Log):

Though Hum Log had many characters portrayed by powerful performances, it was Lalit Prasad aka Lalloo- the unemployed, eldest son of the family who unsuccessfully searches for job who became very popular among audiences. Rajesh Puri shined as a fumbling jobless simpleton and walked away as a most popular character of the serial, even as Badki, Majli, Basesar, Bhagwanti, Nanhe, Chutki and others vied for the honor.

8 Iconic Characters In The History Of Indian TV Shows

6. Swami or W.S. Swaminathan (Malgudi Days):

Master Manjunath touched the hearts of TV viewers and became very popular within a short period of his presence on the small screen as Swami, a character created by none other than the famous R. K. Narayan.  Swami roams around Malgudi along with his friends; since he despises school, leading to situations that had the viewers entertained to the fullest. Directed by Kannada actor and director Shankar Nag the series starred many stars from Kannada film industry.

8 Iconic Characters In The History Of Indian TV Shows

 5. ACP Pradyuman (C.I.D.):

Shivaji Satnam gained popularity as the stern faced and super intelligent ACP Pradyuman in the serial C.I.D.  His dialogues have been very popular and shared on social media very often. The popularity of ACP Pradyuman is shared almost equally by another endearing character by his associate Daya in the crime detective series that airs on Sony Entertainment Television. Launched in 1998 the series is very popular and still going strong.

8 Iconic Characters In The History Of Indian TV Shows

4. Tulsi Virani (Kyunki Saas Bhi  Kabhi Bahu Thi):

Smriti Zubin Irani was appreciated, recognized and loved for her role of Tulsi in the serial that ran for nearly 9 years, consisting 1833 episodes on star plus. She is the only actress to win 5 consecutive Indian Telivision Academy Awards so far. She lent a convincing and compelling presence on screen as an ideal daughter-in-law of Virani household.

8 Iconic Characters In The History Of Indian TV Shows

3. Master Haveli Ram (Buniyaad):

Even though Alok Nath has acted in many Bollywood films, he is still lovingly remembered as Master Haveli Ram or Masterji – an amiable and warm hearted man who faces the throes of partition. His love story with Lajjoji, his significant other half was wonderfully captured by Ramesh Sippy. The story spans from 27 – 80 years in the life of the leading character.

8 Iconic Characters In The History Of Indian TV Shows

2. Budhai Ram (Neem Ka Ped):

The genius Pankaj Kapur is, he had no difficulty in marvelously bringing to life the character of Budhai Ram which was created by famous writer Dr.Rahi Masoom Raza. Budhai Ram is a bonded laborer living with a Muslim Zamindar, towards whom he is very obedient and honest. He dreams of educating his only son. The story follows the character from pre-independence days, to post independent times in India.

8 Iconic Characters In The History Of Indian TV Shows

1. Shaktimaan (Shaktimaan):

Shaktimaan paved way for Indian superheroes. Mukesh Khanna carried the whole series comfortably on his broad and strong shoulders with ease. Extremely popular with children, Shaktimaan soon captured the attention of all generations of audiences. Mukesh Khanna came to be known as Amitabh Bacchan of small screen and went on to portray various roles on both the big and small screen after his popularity of Shaktimaan.

8 Iconic Characters In The History Of Indian TV Shows

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