8 Health Tips For Mega-Travelers

3:20 am 9 Nov, 2013

You do not get time to exercise when traveling, and lengthy flights and unhealthy food do the rest to affect your health. And nothing can be as wearisome and disappointing as being ill away from home on your holiday trip! So, if you belong to the category of mega-travelers, there’re various health issues you might have to cope up with, especially if you are not aware of what to do to stay healthy.

8. Travel Light:

Traveling light and smart is probably the best way to go hassle-free and besides, it’ll save you a lot of energy that you can utilize for other, more important activities later. With multiple and heavy bags you spend more time worrying and less time enjoying! The worst, with too much of luggage on your mind, you are not able to recall your best and memorable moments out of the trip.

8 Health Tips For Mega-Travelers

7. Get Out Protected:

It’s important to practice standard health guidelines during and after your travel. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen with an SPF of around 30 for protection against both UVA and UVB radiations. Be attentive enough to prevent mosquito and insect bites and use a quality insect repellent on exposed skin, especially when outside during day time.

8 Health Tips For Mega-Travelers

6. Pack Some Snacks with You:

Traveling hungry is equally detrimental to your health, and most airline foods are excessively oily and filled with fats. Make sure you have various healthy snacks with you, preferably nut seeds, dry fruits, herbal tea, nut buttes and crackers. Don’t forget to take fresh water and green juice along to stay filled and hydrated!

8 Health Tips For Mega-Travelers

5. Take Supplements:

Another good idea is to take a few supplements that can be highly helpful during your travel. You can take magnesium supplements to prevent stress and excess of fatigue that you can always expect during a trip. You can also take safe and prescribed supplements for jet lag prevention, especially if your trip includes lengthy flights, tiring train rides and a lot of work. After all, it’s not too easy to travel through several time zones and still dodge fatigue (physical and mental, both!) and sleep distraction!

8 Health Tips For Mega-Travelers

4. Drink More and More Water:

If you feel completely dehydrated and lifeless after a lengthy flight, you are not alone for it happens with all of us. And of course, this is the worst part with traveling! Well, best you can do about it is carry a water bottle and drink plenty of water to make sure that you can stay energized and hydrated throughout your trip. It would be even better to increase your water intake a few days before your flight and afterward as well.

8 Health Tips For Mega-Travelers

3. Proper Rest and Sleep:

Since traveling is both mentally and physically exhausting, it becomes vital to care for your body. If you have been able to choose your seat wisely, the next step would be to get a sound and undisturbed sleep. Keep an eye mask to block out light and a neck pillow with you. Consider wearing loose and comfortable clothes for a relaxed journey. If nothing else is working, stick in your ear plugs, take a deep breath and go to sleep thinking about nothing at all!

8 Health Tips For Mega-Travelers

2. Learn to Improvise:

If there’s no gym around where you are staying, you’ll have to make the most of what’s just available. You can do some brisk push-ups in your hotel room, using things like bed, chair and your suitcase for different activities. It is simply about how determined you’re toward your fitness and what innovative you can do to utilize what’s around as temporary workout equipment. For instance, you can do chin-ups on exposed water pipes or go jogging in the parking area.

8 Health Tips For Mega-Travelers

1. Choose Foods carefully!

Heavy-luxury or junk foods often become the first choice for travelers. Though there may be less or no availability of fresh and healthy food when traveling, you can at least handle the situation by making less bad food selection. You can choose to skip breads and chips, and go for the fish instead. Limit your intake of alcohol and make sure you wash hands before eating. Avoid tap water and too much of cold drinks and if possible, only drink bottled water.

8 Health Tips For Mega-Travelers

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