8 Extravagant Birthday Gifts Ever Given

2:58 pm 19 Dec, 2013

It’s more like pushing a boat out real hard when it comes to thinking of buying a unique and memorable birthday present for someone really special, but to afford gifts you just might need to break into a bank! Birthdays are indeed very special occasions and it requires great care when purchasing a gift for a loved one to make it even more exceptional. It does give immense pleasure to see the one you love get totally enthralled by your choice of gift. But there are certain presents, which if you ever consider gifting, most of us would be unable to afford them even if we tempted to use up all that one is worth. Here’s a list of 8 extravagant birthday gifts ever given.

8. Mukesh Ambani’s $60m Airbus Plane:

Any middle class women would be utterly excited with a surprise budget flight on a plane for their birthday, but Mukesh Ambani, the petrochemical tycoon who happens to one of the world’s richest men, took the surprise to another level by purchasing an Airbus plans for his wife on her 44th birthday. 8 Extravagant Birthday Gifts Ever Given The gift to Nita Ambani, an Airbus 319 in 2007, is reported to have been billed $60 million. The luxury plane is well equipped with entertainment cabins, fancy showers and sky bars. 8 Extravagant Birthday Gifts Ever Given

7. Mike Tyson and his $2 Million Bathtub:

Other than the mighty knockout punches that Mike Tyson was known for, his extravagant lifestyle too is well known. Who does not remember him buying an expensive Bengal tiger as a gift? 8 Extravagant Birthday Gifts Ever Given When it comes to offering gifts for the gifted boxer they undoubtedly have got to be ‘King Size’. Robin Givens, a former wife of Tyson, was on cloud nine on being gifted a $2 Million US Dollar bathtub. Though the couple no longer stays together, this exorbitant bathroom accessory is likely to stay somewhere at Robin’s place. 8 Extravagant Birthday Gifts Ever Given

6. Jessica Simpson’s $100,000 Speedboat:

Having dated Tony Romo, the Dallas Cowboys football team Quaterback, barely for five months, his girlfriend Jessica gifted him a flashing $100,000 speedboat for his 28th birthday. 8 Extravagant Birthday Gifts Ever Given The 25-foot long Malibu Wakesetter make speedboat with a monstrous 450 horsepower motor and a heavily geared stereo system was something that had Tony jumping. The gift was presented to the two time Pro Bowler at a party held in the couple’s house in Dallas. The relationship turned sour a year later, but being the courteous Southern lady, Jessica allowed Dallas to keep the boat. 8 Extravagant Birthday Gifts Ever Given

5. Katy Perry’s $200,000 Space Ticket:

Before they divorced, Katy and Russell Brand were well known for exchanging lavish gifts. 8 Extravagant Birthday Gifts Ever Given Katy had bought Russell Brand a $200,000 ticket for the very first voyage on the Virgin Galactic space venture for his 35th birthday. The Virgin Galactic permits its passengers to feel entire effects of weightlessness and also view the earth before their return. This is one pricy present Perry shelled out for. 8 Extravagant Birthday Gifts Ever Given

4. Kristen Stewart’s $46,000 Pen:

Now here is actually a pen that is mightier than a sword not for what it writes but for the sheer worth of it. When our favorite Twilight star Kristen Stewart turned 23, her on and off boyfriend Robert Pattinson put down $46,000 to gift his lady love a Tibaldi Bentley Crewe while gold pen. 8 Extravagant Birthday Gifts Ever Given Apparently Stewart is fond of collecting unique and stylish pens and as such Robert added to her pen collection by gifting her limited edition fountain pen. He also got her name specially engraved on it. All we can hope is that it does not run out of love ink! 8 Extravagant Birthday Gifts Ever Given

3. Beyonce’s $2m Bugatti Veyron Sport:

Jay-Z and Beyonce are a well known power couple. Both of them have been trying for long to outdo the other in exchange of extravagant presents. The rapper Jay-Z gifted Beyonce a vintage Rolls-Royce valued around $1 m for her 25th birthday. 8 Extravagant Birthday Gifts Ever Given You think this can’t be topped? Well then, Beyonce reciprocated by gifting back a $2 m Bugatti Veyron Sport, one of the most expensive cars in the world to Jay-Z for his 41st birthday. Additionally, Beyonce also gifted the pop star a $40 m private jet on Father’s Day. 8 Extravagant Birthday Gifts Ever Given

2. Angelina Jolie’s “Fallingwater”:

Brangelina are definitely no strangers to extravagant and bizarre gifts. Their list of eccentric gifts includes an engraved motorcycle and a 200 year old olive tree. But perhaps what we consider the most outlandish gift of all times is Angelina’s gift to Brad on his 48th birthday. 8 Extravagant Birthday Gifts Ever Given It is well known that Brad is a great admirer of architecture and his all time favorite is the ‘Fallingwater’ by Frank Lloyd Wright. So this time Angelina decided for that perfect present and hit bang-on by gifting Pitt his very own Fallingwater inspired house in California. Now here Angelina found something special for her special guy, a truly prized gift. 8 Extravagant Birthday Gifts Ever Given

1. David Beckham’s Vineyard:

Well this time David decided to go slightly offbeat on his wife’s 34th birthday. Instead of buying an expensive fine wine, Beckham decided to purchase the entire vineyard instead. Not quite surprising, after exchange of all string of expensive jewellery followed by Rolls-Royce family, the option of Napa Valley Vineyard (priced in seven figures) would be topping the gift list. 8 Extravagant Birthday Gifts Ever Given The Beckham’s became wine aficionados at the time when David was playing for Real Madrid in Spain. He purchased the California vineyard for an undisclosed sum. The wine however is not scheduled to be commercially available, but is only limited to family and friends. Our favorite Soccer star revealed that the birthday surprise to his Spice girl wife, during a day trip to the winery, was a bottle from the homegrown vineyard that had her name of the label. 8 Extravagant Birthday Gifts Ever Given  

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