8 Epic Video Games We All Played In The 90s And Which No One Plays Now

7:00 am 8 Jun, 2014

The 90s were the best time to grow-up; don’t we feel this all the time? We had our own humble ways of having fun with the correct spark added by video gaming. Nintendo and Sega had taken the world by storm after reviving the gaming industry post its crash down. PC gaming was the hottest thing then. But it is passé now and kids are hooked onto their smartphone sets. Back then, it was our greatest obsession (non-Gamers might say otherwise) and had kept us awake for long hours in the night. Let’s look at some of the best games of the 90s that are still our favorites.

8. Super Mario 64

Mario is still adored and loved by the world. Of course, where else would you find that super cute guy running, moving, jumping and performing activities? And, weren’t the missions and levels simply wonderful? It was actually the most revolutionary game to have started at that time. In fact, how we play video games had much to do with our approach to Super Mario. Finding out the mystery about the castles, the slippery floors, the high jumps and everything seemed so real. The animation was highly detailed and it created an everlasting impression in our minds. It was a landmark for not only us, but the gaming industry as well.

Video Games We All Played In The 90s

7. Crash Bandicoot: Warped

This was undoubtedly the jewel in the crown of the then Sony PlayStation. The Warped series of Crash Bandicoot was the most amazing of all the series. Adventure couldn’t have gotten better and thrilling with this version of the game. It caught on with the previous series and you get to go play on different levels. It might have been a slightly short game, but, its replay value is huge. You must have replayed it at least twice if not more. The game utilizes the pros of the Playstation to its optimum with perfect animation, sound, vibration, colours and minimum loading time. It was one of our best and the best of our times.

Video Games We All Played In The 90s

6. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

The Nintendo Entertainment System’s Zelda literally gave us more to gaming than what we could have asked for. The sword playing was sensational among us. That apart, you also had different kinds of enemies, various methods of making the attack, going through dark dungeons to solve puzzles, finding out puzzles and the best was to go to any place of your choice. The jumps, the fights – all were real for us and we wanted to win each time. Didn’t you just felt like doing it again? These were simply addictive. Gaming-wise too, it was an achievement.

Video Games We All Played In The 90s

5. Castlevania: Symphony of the Nigh

Yes, it’s the representation of Transylvania in video games! The story written for this game was amazing, hands down. To top that you had access to weapons, also supernatural ones, innovative enemies, huge maps and a perfect balance within. Ones who had never played the game are unaware of the allure of the whole of it. Dracula had never seemed so much fun before. Add to that, a delicious dose of mystery and secrets in each level you cross. You could also defeat enemies by using many different techniques. The sound designing and structuring too was excellent and compared to that time, it was huge in its own way.

Video Games We All Played In The 90s

4. Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy’s Kong Quest

Move over Donkey Kong, it was time for Dixie Kong. A Nintendo product, the sequel of Donkey Kong Country was better than the previous, any day. Dixie Kong was the new hero we looked up to, after the capture of Donkey Kong. The levels were more than interesting and had us glued for hours. The whole story of the game was about an adventure, and, we were only too happy to go for it. The adventure being difficult was not an issue for most of us. It had the best levels and bonuses which made the journey all the more wonderful. Wish these games were still being played.

Video Games We All Played In The 90s

3. Chrono Trigger

One of the best games of that era, Chrono Trigger had the best quality among all. Its epic factor comes from the fact that everything about it was a class apart. The player, the antagonist and other casts were appropriately picked. It was not only a game, but, a living experience for us. The best part of it was that the endings were different each time. This left one wanting to play more and more. Haven’t you had the best scores in this game?

Video Games We All Played In The 90s

2. Metal Gear Solid

This was, in one word, a game which taught us a great deal. It was not limited to a pure military background and setting. The game was much more than that – it taught us the value of survival and love. Not only that, it dealt with government conspiracy, nuclear proliferation and passing genes to our future generation. This game had the most breathtaking levels and layers. All of it felt so real then, isn’t it?

Video Games We All Played In The 90s

1. Panzer Dragoon saga

Battles and combats hadn’t been as special for us as in Panzer Dragoon Saga. This game utilized 3D graphics like never before. Voice and sound made it sound actually real. You could even roam about within the space of the game, remember? Even in combats in other games, you could notice other soldiers standing still, or hitting or being hit. But here, the other soldiers were looked into and the sequences looked real, finally. These were the games which stood for technology and innovation for us, but, have gone with the wind.

Video Games We All Played In The 90s

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