7 Weekend Hangout Places In Kolkata Youngsters Love

10:00 pm 28 Dec, 2013

A traditional Calcuttan’s notion of weekend get-a-way is quite different from others. Where as in other parts of the country, people would choose some night club or a café to shed out there week’s hangover, a typical Calcuttan would rather be seated at the non-glittery Indian Coffee House over a cup of coffee and talk politics and film! Although, the case might not be true for youngsters, still it’s not quite different too.

Let’s find out how!

7. Admiring the river from Prinsep Ghat

No matter if we are young or old, we are never old enough to stop admiring the River Hoogly. Prinsep Ghat is a ghat built by the British and houses a Palladian porch constructed in the memory of James Prinsep in 1843. The monument, surrounded by greenery, along the River Hoogly is a perfect location for youngsters to sit and gossip for long hours. Do you know what the best thing about it is? You can enter this impeccably maintained park free of cost!

7 Weekend Hangout Places In Kolkata Youngsters Love

6. Having Sundaes and French Fries at Scoop

How can you spend a weekend just by admiring the river? Of course, you need something to munch on as well—and what better things to savor than cool sundaes and crispy French fries? Sccop is a little vegetarian restaurant by the Princep Ghat which specializes in French fries and sundaes; its pocket-friendly menu and great view of the Hoogly make this place a favorite weekend hotspot among the youngsters.

7 Weekend Hangout Places In Kolkata Youngsters Love

5. Traditional Boat-rides on Hoogly

You need to visualize this in your mind in order to get the essence of it—just think of the romantic number Chingari koi bhadke and you’ll get everything straightened. Boat-rides are always fun, especially for youngsters, and if that boat-ride is on the river itself, then the fun doubles up! Riding on the Hoogly, under the colossal Vidyasagar Setu, is an experience worth exploring!

7 Weekend Hangout Places In Kolkata Youngsters Love

4. Strolling around College Street

An all time favorite destinations of Calcuttans, irrespective of their age, is College Street. If you love books, if you’re interested in archaic buildings and monuments, this is surely the place to be. From old classics and rare books to the new and trashy TV Series-like novels, you’ll get any books you want—if you’re lucky enough, you can even get hold of 1st edition of classics! Besides, the old monuments and quaint buildings, which are over 300 years old, will surely hold you quite spellbound! It’s a paradise for photographers!

7 Weekend Hangout Places In Kolkata Youngsters Love

3. A walk around Kolkata’s cultural hub

Nandan, Academy of Fine Arts, Rabindra Sadan, Sisir Manch and Gaganendra Pradarshanalaya, present within a single boundary, are often referred to as the Cultural Hub of the City of Joy. From art and semi-popular films to great plays to brilliant and captive exhibitions, this place is surely going to tickle the senses of any lover of art and culture. The place is within walking distance from Kolkata’s city centre, Esplanade, and overlooks the beautiful parks of Kolkata (which resembles those of London!). A few paces away is St. Paul’s Cathedral—a place worth visiting!

7 Weekend Hangout Places In Kolkata Youngsters Love

2. Shopping at New Market

What’s a youngster’s weekend without shopping? No matter how many lavish malls are erected in Kolkata, any Calcuttan’s first love will be New Market. Built in 1903, Sir Stuart Hogg Market or New Market is famous for its street shopping! From a needle and exercise book to fresh strawberries and canned blue-berries to Levi’s jeans and all sorts of meat, you get everything you want in the good ol’ New Market. The best things about the place: lots of gastronomic addresses and bargain stalls!

7 Weekend Hangout Places In Kolkata Youngsters Love

1. Spending a quiet evening at South Park Street Cemetery

Yes! We Calcuttans love to while away at creepy cemeteries too, and our favorite cemetery is the South Park Street Cemetery located at one of the main hubs of the city, Park Street. Opened in 1767, and “closed” in 1790, this cemetery has been declared as a heritage site, and is maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India. It’s a delight to the photographers as well as to those interested in archaic monuments. On a different note, it’s one of the creepiest places in Kolkata!

7 Weekend Hangout Places In Kolkata Youngsters Love

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