7 Tips To Become A Cool Person

12:00 pm 28 Oct, 2013

When you see someone who is really cool, you wish you could be more like them. But then you underestimate yourself and feel that you can never be cool and will always be nervous and scared and confused. Fear not because even though some people are inherently cool, you too can learn to be cool. It’s a skill that can be learned like any other. In the beginning you won’t be very good at it but as you practice more of it you’ll keep improving and one day someone else will look at you and wonder if they could be as cool as you. You need to learn how to act cool, look cool and actually be cool.

7. Know Yourself:

Let’s first talk about actually being cool. If you are not a cool person from inside then you can never pull off looking and acting cool. A cool person never fakes it so pay attention to these first 5 tips. The first thing you need to do is find out who you really are. A cool person knows who he is and what he wants in life. He has a purpose in life and he’s passionate about the things he does. He knows what he likes and doesn’t do things just because everyone else is doing them. Accept all your flaws and try to work on them but don’t hate yourself for being flawed. A cool person is okay with not being perfect. Knowing yourself takes time so you need to be patient.

7 Tips To Become A Cool Person

6. Be Yourself:

Once you know yourself it is important to learn to be yourself. When we are in groups we tend to blend in and do whatever the group is doing. But a cool person is highly individual and doesn’t like doing things just to fit in. Don’t be afraid of being the odd one out and just be yourself. You are a unique person so don’t try to be like others. Create your own style and be yourself. A cool person never does anything under peer pressure. This too is a hard step to take but if you keep trying slowly you’ll get better at asserting your identity in a group.

7 Tips To Become A Cool Person

5. Respect Others:

Once you learn to know and be yourself and accept yourself for who you are, you also need to accept others for who they are. Don’t judge people. They too are unique and have their own flaws and strengths. A cool person doesn’t discriminate based on color, cast or creed. You should treat everyone with respect without caring about how rich they are. For a cool person everyone is equal and no one is better than the rest. This is a hard perspective to develop but if you work on it you will be able to do it. If you want to consider yourself as good as everybody else then you have to start by accepting that no one is inferior than others in any way.

7 Tips To Become A Cool Person

4. Be Confident:

If you’ve done the above 3 steps then by now you would have already developed a lot of confidence. Confidence comes from being who you are and knowing that you are just as good as everyone else. This is an important part of being cool. Cool people are confident in their skin and don’t need to hide behind a fake personality. When you are confident it will show in your behavior and body language. If you are too self conscious you won’t be able to pull off any style but if you are confident you can look cool even in a simple jeans and t-shirt. As a warning remember to not be overconfident and cocky as then you’ll just be a jerk.

7 Tips To Become A Cool Person

3. Be Fit:

A cool person is fit and healthy. This is not about having the perfect lean figure or body. Fat people can also be cool as long as they are not so fat as to be unhealthy. Healthy and fit people tend to be positive and optimistic which is a requirement to be cool. A negative or whiny person can’t be cool. A healthy body helps you stay positive and happy. It also means that you are confident of your body and not so self aware as to cause you anxiety and depression. So remember to make exercise a part of your daily routine. Eat healthy and never overindulge in anything. Stay away from harmful substances and pursue a healthy lifestyle.

7 Tips To Become A Cool Person

2. Look Cool:

By following the above 5 steps you’ll learn how to be cool, but that alone is not enough. You also need to learn how to look cool. The most important point is to have your own style. Your style shouldn’t be based on the latest fashion that everyone else is following blindly. It should be simple and functional. Work on your hairstyle and develop a personal sense of fashion and how you carry yourself. Always maintain proper hygiene and take care of your body. Even if you are going for a rugged unshaven look, trim your beard and comb your hair regularly.

7 Tips To Become A Cool Person

1. Act Cool:

Now that you know how to be cool and how to look cool you also need to learn how to act cool. Being cool is the foundation over which you’ve laid down the first floor of looking cool but if you don’t act cool then everything is ruined. To act cool, remember to exude confidence. Stay calm at all times. Never try to be too needy for attention. Never be rude. Have a good sense of humor. Use wit to make people laugh. Always remember to smile and make others comfortable. Never lose control in anger or by getting too drunk. A cool guy always stays cool. Don’t be too shy and speak up. Give compliments and apologize when required. If you learn to do all these things you’ll soon be called the coolest cat in town.

7 Tips To Become A Cool Person

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