7 Things You Want But Don’t Have In Your Office Right Now

7:00 am 29 Aug, 2014

If I was to tell you that you could go to work happy right now, you’d laugh at me. That’s probably because your office doesn’t conduce the right atmosphere for you. For those of us who work, offices are the place where we spend most of our time, but we’re all just so unhappy there. Maybe this list of seven things to have in your office will lighten (or inspire) your day.

7. Beds

Every office should have a set of beds. No, this isn’t a joke. A recent study by Harvard revealed that people tend to work with much more zeal and determination if they could only lose their drowsiness over a couple of hours of sleep. It’s a hard thing to come by these days, proper sleep. We have so much going on in our lives right now that we just can’t focus entirely on our jobs. Some companies have already begun employing this technique and it may not be that late for yours either.

Things You Want But Don’t Have In Your Office Right Now

6. Pets

I know the list is beginning to look like a parody but I kid you not, pets are extremely beneficial in the work place. The two biggest reasons you should have pets in the office is because they relieve stress in a big way and they’re a source of creativity and inspiration. In fact, it’s worth noting that most famous writers had pets at home. Domestic animals are preferred but who wouldn’t want a lion breathing down their neck, eh?

Things You Want But Don’t Have In Your Office Right Now

5. Gym

Few offices provide the option of adding a gym into your busy routine. Most people desire the occasional workout because it’s a good stress buster plus it raises one’s confidence. Working out before work or right before lunch seems to have the best impact because business meetings usually happen right after and it’s pretty hard to keep your eyes open after a good meal. The adrenalin rush should solve that problem.

Things You Want But Don’t Have In Your Office Right Now

4. Snack Room

Even if you’re not able to sleep or workout, a man’s gotta eat! Every office should have a snack room. It gives relief from a busy schedule, allows you meet your colleagues and talk for a bit, but most importantly you’ll freshen up your system. Snacks get the wheels turning, allowing you to think more, even in the most stressful situations. Why just the allure of snacks will get your tongue wagging. This isn’t the best idea for countries with out of control obesity rates.

Things You Want But Don’t Have In Your Office Right Now

3. Colour

The most common problem with going to work these days is the lack of enthusiasm. And who blames you? Offices are dull and boring just to look at! The hues of grey, black and brown just make you want to sleep or cry. Offices need to be open, especially the cubicles. There should be bright, vibrant colours all over the place. Once again, random patterns and colours bring out the best in people. Ideas start to flow and people begin to think, and that’s a rarity these days.

Things You Want But Don’t Have In Your Office Right Now

2. Bar

Even before I begin to explain this point, most of you would have agreed with me. But let me give it a shot anyway…Bars provide a social convergence point for most people. Most deals are actually struck over a drink. That in itself is promise. And like with all the others, stress is relieved. But the most important things would be the socializing and openness, which is what most companies are facing a problem with these days. Employee satisfaction is down because of his working conditions. A bar would help a bit, just to get out of that space. But these bars have a tab on how much you can drink. So binging is out of the question. I can feel your smile fading already….

Things You Want But Don’t Have In Your Office Right Now

1. Non-linear hierarchy of organization

Companies work best with goals and without a strict order of hierarchy, as demonstrated by most start-ups today. The eventual goal is to produce results. How we go about doing that with bosses sitting over our heads at every single step astounds me. Companies should be less rigid and more open-minded to chance. That’s what’s most important in this ever changing world, the freedom to think. So yes, a less rigid or lack of hierarchy would be a very important thing to have in your office.

Things You Want But Don’t Have In Your Office Right Now

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