7 Smartphone Apps You Will Find On Every Indian’s Android Phone

11:00 pm 12 Jun, 2014

Android OS has stormed the Indian mobile market with its incredible features. You can download thousands of useful and exciting apps on your mobile phone and delete them whenever you want. From school children to working adults, Android apps have paved innovative methods of interacting with the rest of the world.

It’s easier to relocate into new cities with the help of offline Geo-maps and update your whereabouts in seconds. When we talk about integrating all our social network accounts under single platform, Android is the way to go.

Given next are top 7 Android apps that ‘we the Indians’ love to play with and if you still don’t have your hands on them, install them today and enjoy the ride!

7. Instagram

This is an online photo and video-sharing app that offers numerous features to its users. Instagram is especially designed to capture your life’s moments using a smartphone camera and share them online. It is a fast, beautiful and fun way to take a picture and share your moments with friends and family. Users are able to share short videos of up to 15 seconds on a variety of social networks using this app. Instagram automatically applies digital filters to photos and videos typically shot by a mobile device camera. So, no need to worry about image quality.

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Smartphone Apps You Will Find On Every Indian's Android Phone

6. Google Newsstand

Google Newsstand is your best friend if you like reading the news all day long. The app has a gorgeous interface that helps you to understand new concepts with the help of graphics and animating characters. The content collected from hundreds of sources is divided into categories and users have the authority to select particular news for downloading. So, following the current topics from various publishers using the Google Newsstand is as easy as tapping the news offline.

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Smartphone Apps You Will Find On Every Indian's Android Phone

5. Greenify

If you’re tired of charging your smartphone repeatedly, this app will prove a savior for you. It allows users to achieve optimum Android device performance. It’s a productive app aimed at users who love to use different apps at the same time or at regular intervals. Greenify basically not only saves battery by putting less important apps on sleep, but also minimize downloading bytes of mobile data by syncing apps such as emails, Twitter and LinkedIn. The app ultimately terminates the background processes that hog battery from your smart device.

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Smartphone Apps You Will Find On Every Indian's Android Phone

4. Duplicate Contacts

This is a simple tool for people having trouble in deleting duplicate contacts. This app simply shows a list of duplicate contacts and deletes them after user permission. Once user selects (using Tick and Untick option) some contacts, this app automatically deletes all of the duplicate marked contacts. This free app is quite useful for marketing managers and working professionals who’ve to routinely manage variety of contacts.

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Smartphone Apps You Will Find On Every Indian's Android Phone

3. Frontback

This is a cool app specifically designed by keeping selfie personalities in mind. Those who feel disgraced when their beloved ones ask them to take a picture of family friends will feel blessed with Frontback. This wonderful app allows you to click a picture from both the back (primary) as well as front side camera of your smartphone and finally merge them in a single image. It also permits users to write short captions on the images and tag them in social networking sites for sharing. Frontback is the most delightful, creative and extraordinary app for telling your life stories in an interesting way.

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Smartphone Apps You Will Find On Every Indian's Android Phone

2. Mailbox by Dropbox

This app can be linked with your Gmail or iCloud account in a hassle-free manner. The app boasts features such as swipeable gesture support, ability to snooze emails and learn user behavior. Mailbox by Dropbox is a fast yet funny app that has a mobile-friendly design. Operations such as moving messages to trash, scanning conversations and chatting can be done quickly with its support for finger-swipe feature.

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Smartphone Apps You Will Find On Every Indian's Android Phone

1. Snapchat

This self-destructing photo-sharing app is quite popular among teens worldwide. The biggest benefit of Snapchat is that shared videos, photos, and text messages are always self-destructing after 10 seconds of posting them. This feature makes it a prerequisite for a user to remain online during chats in order to view the received items. A recent update to this app enables user to upload archived images via chat which was not a case earlier.

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Smartphone Apps You Will Find On Every Indian's Android Phone


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