7 Sex Tips For Newlyweds

6:35 am 12 Nov, 2013

When it comes to sex, women want is just as much as men do. But sex can be tricky. Both the partners can have different likings, preferences, fantasies and desires. Besides, there is always a looming insecurity that you may not push it too much to blow your partner’s mind off.  These problems are maximum when you have just got married and are only learning about each other likes and dislikes. This is the time when you don’t want sex to bog you down, this is the occasion when you want all you a fancy ride high, but in a manner most suitable. We have here listed 7 sex tips just for the newlyweds.

7. Go beyond bedroom:

The stereotype lovemaking can get monotonous, so to spice up your love life bid goodbye to bedroom. Tickle your naughty side and think of more interesting places to go wild. You could have sex in a bath tub or under the shower. Make naughty use of your dining table. Your couch has been a perfect place to relax, why not use it to bring your naughty fantasies alive?

Sex Tips For Newlyweds

6. Play intimate games:

It’s not that games can only be played on huge fields, but your bedroom is also a perfect playground. The only difference is that the games you play in the bedroom will make you both winners. Playing intimate games like strip poker, sex dices, truth or dare etc, won’t just get you closer, but also add some fun and entertainment.

Sex Tips For Newlyweds

5. Play out a role he/she fantasizes about:

Every person has his or her own fantasies and often wishes to see their partner fulfill it. So, why not pretend to be a character your partner has always dreamt of. The best part of role playing is you get to be anyone you want, which helps you to get more comfortable in bed and explore your wildest fantasies. Ask your partner what his or her fantasy is and play it out by wearing the costume they have in mind. Your bedroom will heat up like no other and your partner will immediately see you as being a person who isn’t afraid to experiment. For example, a woman can pretend to be a cheerleader or a stripper, while a man can be some hotshot superhero.

Sex Tips For Newlyweds

4. Experiment with various positions:

Shouldn’t sex be steamy and spontaneous like you see in movies? Having sex in the same position night after night can put a damper on your sex life. Be it man or woman, both love to experiment and when it comes to sex nothing thrills them more than having their partner try out different positions. Some exciting sex positions you must try are the lotus, the magic mountain, the trapeze and the superwoman. After trying these you’ll realize what you’d been missing out on.

Sex Tips For Newlyweds

3. Keep it wild and dirty:

It’s no secret that women love to talk, so why not use it to make your sex life sizzling. Get involved in dirty talking. Bring your flirtatious self to the forefront and phrase her body to turn her on. Pour chocolate sauce on each other’s body and lick it to turn on your partner’s wild side.

Sex Tips For Newlyweds

2. Watch erotic movies:

Pornography does not always mean to give shivers to women; in fact, it can be a perfect option to explore your sexual fantasies. Erotic movies increase sexual pleasure and desire through stimulating visual images of positions, thereby giving an exciting start to your sex life. You can watch and learn new thrilling and interesting ways to spice your love life. Do not just stare at your television screen, but get into some action.

Sex Tips For Newlyweds

1. Become a masseuse:

Body massage is not great just for relaxing, but can also result in some degree of arousal. Romantic massages are intimate and sensual. While giving your spouse a sensual massage, ambiance plays an important role. Light up the room with candles, decorate it using flowers and ensure that the room smells great. Play some soft romantic music and using scented oil get playful. Let your fingers do the talking. You can start by giving a massage on the neck, shoulders and back; these are the areas that are the most responsive to touch.

Sex Tips For Newlyweds


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