7 Scary Facts About Fast Foods

10:03 am 15 Oct, 2013

The 1950’s saw growing demand for fast food, as there was rise in families with both the couples being career oriented, with no one wanting to spend the evening cooking dinner after hectic working hours. Fast food initially popularized by the Americans, is now fortunately or unfortunately available all over the world. Many consider fast food to be nothing more than quickly processed pseudo-foods that do more harm to our body than good. Most of the ingredients that go into the preparation of fast food are not something we would eat naturally. The fast food is conveniently available everywhere, looks very appealing, taste good and suites well with the fast paced life today’s generation thus being quite popular among consumers. Here is the list of 7 scary facts about fast foods which will surely fail in stopping you from gorging on it, but at least help you limiting their consumption.

7. Fast Food is not healthy:

A number of health problems have been linked to increasing consumption of fast food based on substantial information gathered by various studies conducted by food and nutrition departments. Fast food has been linked to increased risk of obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, stroke and poor nutrition among consumers. It has been proven that fast food is high in fat content, thus increasing the BMI, leading to weight gain and diseases associated with it. It also increases insulin resistance which can lead to diabetes. Add to the list sleep apnea, impotence, high blood pressure, depression, asthma, PCOS, gallstones, reflux, indigestion and many more.

7 Scary Facts About Fast Foods

6. Fast Food Encourages Gorging:

If you are hungry and plan on jumping into one of the numerous fast food joint easily accessible at any place; then it is time you remember the proverb ‘Look before you leap’. Studies indicate that fast food including sodas that make you gorge upon them ravenously. The factors about fast food that encourage overeating are -it is low in fiber content, most of the fast food have additives to make it delicious, high calories are packed in small portions, high in fat content and in addition it has high sugar in liquid form. By entering the fast food joint when you are hungry, not only you are eating unhealthy food, moreover you are eating more of it.

7 Scary Facts About Fast Foods

5. Where do they come from?

Unlike the meat cooked at home traditionally, the processed meat used for hamburgers, hot dogs or nuggets come from different animals. They are made in huge factories where the meat from different animals gets combined. The meat for one single hamburger may come from nearly 100 animals. All it will take is one infected animal to infect all the lot.

7 Scary Facts About Fast Foods

4. Shit!

The costliest coffee sold in fast food joints is the Kopi Luwak. I am not sure how many of you know that it is produced from the droppings of civet. Civets eat choicest of ripe berries of coffee and then poop partly digested berries. These berries are then processed and as Kopi Luwak coffee which costs nearly $ 300 per kilogram. Some studies have proven that nearly 50% percent of fountain drink dispensers have traces of fecal bacteria on them, how does that happen is a big mystery.

7 Scary Facts About Fast Foods

3. Where is my Strawberry?

Those of you, who love the strawberry milkshakes have to know that they do not come with the nutritional benefits of the berries, but rather contain nearly 50 different chemicals, most of which are unhealthy and harmful, which gives it the taste of strawberry.  More shocking is the production of Pink colored drinks and food products, which may contain insects Dactylopius Coccus Costa, which are dried and ground into fine powder to be used in processed food to give it a pink or purple hue.

7 Scary Facts About Fast Foods

2. Fast Food leads to Nutritional deficiency:

People who regularly consume fast food suffer from nutritional deficiency especially of Vitamins A, Vitamins C and dietary fiber. The intake of fats and calories among the fast food consumers is much higher than their consumption of essential nutrients required by the body. Carbonated soft drinks, fries, nuggets and other unhealthy food when consumed in large quantities, restricts the consumption of nutritional food leading to many negative effects on health.

7 Scary Facts About Fast Foods

1. Do they serve what they claim to serve?

Recently there was much furor created in Ireland and Great Britain when the ground beef they were consuming was found to be including meat of horses and pigs. Some ground beef contained nearly 30% of horse meat. Some of the chicken nuggets have very less of chicken meat in them. People who eat fried food will never realize that they are consuming silly putty.  The chemical compound Dimethylpolyiloxane which prevents frying oil from foaming is what silly putty is made from. Carmic acid which is used in production of meat products like sausages, pie filling and many other food items is extracted from crushed bodies of beetles. Manufacturers get away with hairs, feathers and other unwanted ingredients in fast food, especially the ground ones as they don’t have to declare all the ingredients involved in production of that recipe, furthermore in the final product, it is difficult to detect the unwanted creepy ingredients that makes them so appetizing.

7 Scary Facts About Fast Foods

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