7 Reasons Why We Love the Show Comedy Nights With Kapil

11:00 pm 23 Aug, 2014

No matter what your age is, or to which strata of society you belong, or where in the world you stay, if you’re an Indian, most certainly one of your loves include watching Comedy Nights with Kapil. You may correct us if we’re wrong. After a long time, since the beginning of KBC perhaps, that some show has touched the hearts of all Indians alike. Not only Indians, but it is quite famous among the non-Indians as well—a glimpse of this is shown quite frequently on the show. So, in this list, we shall attempt to find out those secrets that lie behind the fame of the show—

7. A Perfect Blend of Comedy Show and Talk Show

Comedy Nights with Kapil is a talk show, without being one; it is a comedy show, without perfectly being one. You seem perplexed, is it? Well, if you see this as a talk show, this show doesn’t have any serious, “well-mannered” air to it, unlike other famous talk shows around. It is a light hearted talk show where you can see your favorite stars get candid, dance and entertain you. On the other hand, unlike other comedy shows, it is not always mindless comedy with the stars being seated tight-lipped at the judges’ bench and passing remarks. And, it is perhaps this blend that makes the show what it is today.

Reasons Why We Love the Show Comedy Nights With Kapil

6. The Indianness

If you’re a common Indian, you’ll be able to identify with the characters, the stage set-up and even the punches. The jokes are placed on common situations that people face in their everyday life, and what better way of entertainment than finding happiness in the things which we can identify well with? This is hardly noticed in any other comedy shows that are regularly aired on TV.

Reasons Why We Love the Show Comedy Nights With Kapil

5. Babaji Ka Thullu

The desi version of being trolled it is! Can you people name any other dialogue, other than the famous Lock KiyaJaye, which has become such a rage among us? And, do you know what the best part of it all is? It can be suited to any voice tone, unlike the latter which is used to being pronounced from the famous Big B tone.

Reasons Why We Love the Show Comedy Nights With Kapil

4. The Family and the Neighbors

They may always be entangled in personal attacks and humiliations, but we are never bored of the same! In fact, it is such trivial fights and mean endeavors that make this show so favorite among us. In fact, it won’t be wrong if we say we can even identify with some of those antics. After all, we’ve all had this irritating neighbor like Pankhudi, an anti-polar couple like Mr. and Mrs. Bittu Sharma, an aunt always eager to get married, and, of course, a domestic help, who is always seeking out to evade his duties! Ah! Sheer fun the show is!

Reasons Why We Love the Show Comedy Nights With Kapil

3. Meant For the Family

Now, it cannot be denied that it is one show on air at this point of time which can be seen with all the members of the family. Even if there are some “adult” jokes, those are said with such subtlety, that you can hardly be annoyed with the same. Besides, how many shows can you name where the audience can directly participate in the show, dance, sing, talk to their hearts’ content and so on? That’s the reason we heart the show!

Reasons Why We Love the Show Comedy Nights With Kapil

2. Palak and Dadi’s Dance and Mirth

No Madhuri Dixit or Hrithik Roshan can beat these two geniuses in their dancing skills. Have you seen Palak shaking his booty? Well, it’s far better than Madhuri’s Ek-Do-Teen and Dadi’s trademark step is so loveable (we don’t mean to demean either Dixit or Roshan, for we love them with all our hearts). And, don’t we wait for the whole week to listen to Palak’s shayaris and see Dadi showering off Shaguns to the hotties from Bollywood?

Reasons Why We Love the Show Comedy Nights With Kapil

1. Kapil

Last but not the least it isKapil, the man behind the show, who has gifted us with such a weekly delight! His antics, jokes, the ability to laugh at himself, and simplicity (on the show, at least) have won him accolades and love from the fans. At a time when jokes on TV were all filled overtly with sexual innuendoes, he came with a show whose charisma lied in its simplicity and day-to-day crisis faced by the Indians all over the world.

Reasons Why We Love the ShowComedy Nights With Kapil

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