7 Must Have Kitchen Accessories

3:00 am 21 Dec, 2013

Kitchen accessories are indeed the most essential part of your kitchen design. The quintessential kitchen accessories should always be kept at the top of your mind and should not be added at the end of your kitchen makeover project. For easy and convenient selection of your kitchen accessories, you should always aim to:

  • Place everything within reach
  • Contribute towards a smart and effortless workflow
  • Maintain the tidiness of your kitchen
  • Increases your kitchen customization
When it comes to selecting the kitchen accessories, think about how the accessory that will fit into your kitchen requirements and lifestyle. Based on this are the 7 must have kitchen accessories mentioned below.

7. Toaster Ovens:

If your kitchen is equipped with the spare countertop space then a good convection powered toaster oven is surely going to prove more than luxurious. Toaster ovens offer so much of flexibility over simply reheating the food or just preparing toasts.

7 Must Have Kitchen Accessories

Complete preheating requires not more than five minutes for the oven to bake a range of cookies, cakes, pies and pizzas without heating up the entire kitchen. It also saves upon a lot of your cooking space in the kitchen.

6. Microplane:

A microplane is a must have kitchen accessory for many seasoned chefs. It is impossible for them to think of cooking anything in the absence of these very fine and sharp graters.

7 Must Have Kitchen Accessories

These microplanes offer a great range of versatility to efficiently manage softer things like lemon, ginger and garlic and durably handle tougher nutmeg, Parmesan Cheese and chocolates. An all in one microplane is really what you need as an important kitchen accessory.

5. Pressure Cooker:

Pressure Cookers constitute one vital kitchen accessory. They utilize less energy for cooking and they also cook faster in comparison to other cooking devices.

7 Must Have Kitchen Accessories

Pressure cookers offer a foolproof mechanism for cooking all types of food as the latest pressure cooker designs employ about six valves and vent safety mechanisms that are there to prevent any sort of accidents. Therefore the latest pressure cooker designs offer full security without the threat of explosion anymore.

4. Stand Mixer:

Try beating about four egg whites and you are sure to end up looking like the replica of Popeye. Stand mixers offer you one stop solution for all your mixing needs.

7 Must Have Kitchen Accessories

Not only do they efficiently help you prepare whipped creams and meringues faster, but they are also capable of performing heavy duty blending of cookies, cakes and various other types of dough mixes. Plus the added benefits of various attachments for rolling out pasta, grinding meat and preparing ice creams, all in a single Stand Mixer.

3. Chef’s Knife:

Buying a single good knife can work wonders for you as and as such you are not required to purchase an array of knife sets for various cutting purposes. One good knife can virtually help you with all sorts of cutting.

7 Must Have Kitchen Accessories

You can do about 99% of your slicing with one great chef’s knife while you can make use of a serrated knife for bread slicing. Go for a knife that can be sharpened to get that perfect edge to make cutting, slicing and chopping much easier.

2. Food Processor:

A good quality food processor can be defined as the kitchen workhouse. It can prove to be an investment that will last for decades.

7 Must Have Kitchen Accessories

It comes with a variety of attachments and blades that can be set in order to let the food processor manage a variety of tasks ranging from chopping of vegetables and fruits to whirring of stale bread into breadcrumbs and it can also help in easy blending of butter into tiny dry ingredients for pie crust.

1. Slow Cooker:

The slow cooker offers such great versatility that makes it fairly easy for you to get your money’s worth out of this appliance. You can have your hot bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and come home from work to complete a delicious meal in the evenings.

7 Must Have Kitchen Accessories

Roasts, chili, soups, punch, cakes there are so many slow cooker recipes for everyone at home. The major advantage of slow cooker accessory for your kitchen is that you have variety of food served involving very little preparation time.

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