7 Multispeciality Hospitals In Kolkata

7:00 am 23 Aug, 2014

There is a popular saying, “If wealth is lost, nothing is lost…..if health is lost, everything is lost.” Standing in the contemporary world, no matter how much we tend to brush aside the age-old quotations and sayings; brushing aside of this particular quotation as obsolete is indeed questionable. This list mainly goes out to all those people going off to Kolkata for jobs and other chores, and points out some of the best multispeciality hospitals in the city so that they may not have to hunt out for one in case of emergency. After all, emergency doesn’t arise after giving us a call—

7. Calcutta Medical Research Institute

Run by the CK Birla Group for more than 45 years, CMRI, as it is known as, is one of the premier institutes in the state. With 400 beds, a sprawling campus, dedicated staff, expert doctors and a technologically advanced clinic, CMRI is regarded as one of the best friends for the distressed Calcuttans. The best part of this medical institute is its fee structure and deposits which is much lesser than its contemporaries. The BM Birla Heart Institute, specialized in cardiology, is a part of their team and is regarded as the best heart institute in Kolkata.

Multispeciality Hospitals In Kolkata

6. Fortis Healthcare and Kidney Institute

With three medical institutes around the main hub of Kolkata, Fortis Hospitals has all the main and important healthcare departments. In fact, their expert renal department has prompted them to open a kidney institute at the heart of the city, and is unanimously regarded as one of the best in eastern India.

Multispeciality Hospitals In Kolkata

5. Ruby General Hospital

Located in Ballyngunj, at Ruby More, Ruby General Hospital has been catering to the medical needs of the Kolkatans since 1995. In fact, it is regarded as Eastern India’s first multispecialty NRI hospital. With a dedicated staff, new age equipments and a brilliant list of dedicated surgeons and doctors. Besides, the nominal charges and an efficient Outdoor facility make the hospital one of the most sought after in the city.

Multispeciality Hospitals In Kolkata

4. B.P.Poddar Hospital and Medical Research Ltd

Located at New Alipur, B.P Poddar Hospital and Medical Research Ltd. has been offering healthcare services since many years now, with a special emphasis on Traumatology and Oncology. This 140,000sq ft. hospital with 220 beds is backed by an efficient team of staffs and nurses along with some of the most recognized and eminent doctors and latest technological developments.

Multispeciality Hospitals In Kolkata

3. Woodlands Multispeciality Hospital Ltd.

Located in the posh neighborhood of New Alipur in the southern part of the city, innumerable people swear by this hospital. Founded way back in 1947, Woodlands, as it is known as, has “Ethical Treatment with Care” as its motto, and is backed by a team of renowned and expert doctors and nurses who are present 24×7 at their patients’ service.

Multispeciality Hospitals In Kolkata

2. Belle Vue Clinic

With “Service with a smile….care and cure with Human Touch” as their motto, they have been catering to the medical requirements of the citizens since 1967. Besides being one of the oldest multispecialty private hospitals in town, it is also regarded as the first hospital to start renal transplants as well as the first hospital in the eastern part of the country to have started tissue typing for the patients undergoing Organ Transplant.

Multispeciality Hospitals In Kolkata

1. AMRI Hospital

The Advanced Medical Research Institute headquartered in Kolkata is one of the most preferred hospitals for the citizens. The hospital has its main branch and two subsidiary branches in Kolkata—one in Salt Lake while the other at Dhakuria in the southern part of the city and one in Mukundapur on EM Bypass—one branch in Bhubhaneshwar while six other dotted over Bangladesh. With numerous beds and a proper team of renowned doctors and surgeons, AMRI Hospitals is indeed one of the best that the city has.

Multispeciality Hospitals In Kolkata

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