7 Metrosexual Bollywood Men Known For Appearing Stylish With Whatever They Put On

11:00 pm 6 Aug, 2014

Trying to dress up is no fault, and men have the right to do it. It’s really sexist to say that men should not dress up and that it’s the prerogative of women to dress and look pretty. You’ve seen loads of men dressing up in the West and many women simply fall behind their charm. The term Metrosexual is actually meant for these guys who take care of their looks and bother about it more than the rest. Here is a list of seven of the sexiest men who can really pull off anything with whatever they wear.

7. Saif Ali Khan, the Nawab has his Style in Place

The Nawab of Pataudi knows his style. Show us a picture of him in anything, anytime and you are bound to feel jealous of how he worked it out so perfectly. Even a vest looks sexy on him. Not a single appearance of him till date has been bad on the fashion front and he makes sure to keep it perfect. He even says that he takes as long as Kareena (his wife) to dress up. Now that’s really sweet.

Metrosexual Bollywood Men Known For Carry Off Anything

6. John Abraham Knows how to Rock even a Basic Tee

John Abraham rarely looks bad. He does take care to look really fashionable in his off screen appearances. And, of course, he does not depend on the favourite red carpet tuxedo each and every time. Give him a tee and a pair of jeans and he’ll rock it like no other. Metrosexual or not, he does look stunning in everything he wears. And, carrying off downright anything is no joke.

Metrosexual Bollywood Men Known For Carry Off Anything

5. Hrithik Roshan can Never Go Wrong

He’s got the kind of looks which does not need anything to enhance his beauty. Those drop dead gorgeous eyes and face and body and everything else are oh-so-hot. His sculpted figure is best left bare. But, well, we could do with a translucent fabric as well, as long as those abs are even partially visible. Even those locks are worth mentioning – be it straight, curled or colored – none of them ever go wrong. There’s no place where Hrithik Roshan has appeared with something out of place. Being that perfect is really something.

Metrosexual Bollywood Men Known For Carry Off Anything

4. The Handlebar School of Moustache or Ranveer Singh

He’s the experimenter who tries and makes only about 0.01% mistakes. Ranveer Singh is this ever energetic actor who is as infectious as his smile. He too wears very different clothes; you need to be different from the rest to be a Metrosexual. Okay, he is also the only one in tinsel town to carry off a handlebar moustache with élan. It doesn’t make him look any gawky or weird; he looks all the more attractive, mad and a true blue metro. More of him, that’s what we want.

Metrosexual Bollywood Men Known For Carry Off Anything

3. Dev Anand was Evergreen in Everything

The erstwhile star, who floored everyone during his time, was a fashionable dresser. On screen and off it, he never failed to surprise us with what he wore. Whatever he wore went on to become a fashion statement among the audience. He was regarded as one of the best dressers of his time, and we wonder that is there anything which he could not have worked? Who thought that something as simple as a scarf could become so fashionable? Well, Dev Anand sure showed us how. He will always remain Bollywood’s first real Metrosexual hero.

Metrosexual Bollywood Men Known For Carry Off Anything

2. Vinod Khanna Paved the Way for Bollywood Metrosexuals

Vinod Khanna is also deemed as one of Bollywood’s oldest Metrosexual hero. He was acting in movies at a time when the hero demanded to look macho and all muscles. Their dressing was not much of a headache. But, Khanna did manage to find his place among all the muscles and villain beating. And, it’s a fact that macho men always don’t appeal as do the chocolate heroes or the Metrosexual ones. They are far more entertaining and satisfying to the eye than the macho ones.

Metrosexual Bollywood Men Known For Carry Off Anything

1. Varun Dhawan is Joining the League

The son of David Dhawan and the star of films like Student of the Year and Humpty Sharma ki Dulhania is a dresser. Varun Dhawan sure keeps his style in place and has been a well-dressed man since his SOTY days. From fab abs to cool clothes – he surely knows what to wear. He’s among the new crop of heroes who has his style in place and is hardly found to be making a mistake. What’s there in being macho? It’s far better to dress up.

Metrosexual Bollywood Men Known For Carry Off Anything

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