7 Logical Reasons To Delete Your Facebook Account Today

9:40 am 31 Aug, 2013

Gone are the days when you woke up, trudged lazily into the kitchen for a hot cup of coffee. Now you lie in your bed, reach out for the smart phone and log into facebook first thing in the morning. Your parents told you keep away from many addictions, but not the social media addiction which binds you with a great power from which there is no escape. Today everyone from grannies, teens to busy business people are spending hours surfing their facebook pages. The latest fad may soon lead to a real FAD (facebook addiction syndrome) if you don’t apply brakes on it quickly. If you are hesitating to take the plunge, here are 7 good reasons to give you a push. If you intend to fly over to twitter or other social media connection by disconnecting facebook, then don’t bother to read further.

7. Causes delusion that everyone is better off than you:

Facebook has the power to alter you sense of reality to make you feel that everyone is having amazing life but you. This happens because people tend to post their success stories, happy moments, vacations and enjoying parties, even as they hide their sad moments, fears, failures and boredom. Occasionally facebookers start posting trending pictures of their school day, wedding day, the day they got their first pet and many other silly things. Those who are out of sync with such posting feel lonely and left out. You will find it hard to believe that the lives of people on facebook are their fool’s paradise whereas reality sucks at everyone’s life like it does at yours.

Causes delusion that everyone is better off than you

6. Leads to narcissism:

Research has shown that facebook serves as a self promoting platform which encourages obsession with self. Social media has a lot to contribute to the growing levels of narcissism in our society today. Facebook is used by adolescents to gain attention, whereas middle aged people try to win approval for their already set image.  The more they want attention, praise or approval the more they post.

Leads to narcissism

5. Destroys recreational and creative activities:

Remember the days when you felt bored and went out for a stroll, picked up a hobby, or started to dust away some hidden corners of your home? Now all the recreational activities are happening on the virtual world of facebook, where you posting the pictures with tucked in abs or hour glass figure of the time when you were interested in recreational activities. The likes and praises from your friends all make you feel that you are doing great even now. A cup of coffee with friend or family in a cozy restaurant is replaced by poke on facebook, lunch is exotic restaurant is now taken over by messenger and even the phone calls are now replaced with PMs on facebook. How often we hear, “Leave me a message on facebook if it is urgent”.

Destroys recreational and creative activities

4. Privacy intruded:

With facebook, your life is no more yours only. People can post picture of you caught with food in mouth at a party, trying to regain balance by holding onto a stranger or just looking very fat in a dress you did not wanted to be photographed in. Facebook acquaintances want to know what is happening in your life not just through your status updates, but also with the changes you make. The want of attention on facebook, urges its users to post happenings in their lives, throwing precaution to thin air. They forget that even strangers (who form a major chunk of their friends list) are also reading about their relationships, breakups, divorce and many other personal aspects of their lives.

Privacy intruded

3. Takes off intimacy from relationships:

Every time you reprimand your loved one for not responding to your call which was an emergency, you will hear a common phrase “Why didn’t you contact me on facebook?” With the invasion of social media, the intimacy of a relationship is lost forever. Couples argue, breakup, makeup and romance on facebook as their friends leave behind their precious tips and comments. Days are not far off when facebook may become a dirty ground where couple’s divorce each other. With facebook, the personal touch, the intimate call and a friendly communication over the phone is pushed to background.

Takes off intimacy from relationships

2. Distraction:

Facebook is a great distraction, especially for people working on the computer. Without facebook updates and status messages to bother, you will be more focused and complete your task at hand on time. You do not have to miss the gym program, dancing class, evening walk or your homework just because you did not know how time flew when you were on facebook. You will not find it difficult to walk away from computer for an outdoor activity without the temptress facebook beckoning you.


1. Danger of Addiction:

More than 1/7 of the world’s population faces the danger of internet and social media addiction now. Psychologists are considering it to be similar to other addictions, including the withdrawal symptoms. It is accepted that teens are spending lot of time on facebook and others are not far behind. More preference is given to online life than the real one. Though facebook addiction has not been considered as an addictive disorder, therapists are already seeing and treating patients having problem with frequent use of facebook. 

Danger of Addiction

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