7 Life Skills That Make You A Person-In-Demand

9:39 am 18 Nov, 2013

Gone are the days of hiring generalists. Employers today look for professionals with a particular set of skills that perfectly meet their requirements. Be it technical or analytical, there are a set of parameters which one must meet to get hired. In maximum cases, these skills are specific and specialized to particular types of jobs. So, here is a list of 7 life skills that make you a person in demand for any company.

7. Project Management:

In order to get your work noticed, it is important to perform tasks in hand with precision and accuracy. Therefore it is essential that you emphasize your distinctive strengths, keeping in mind the position you are applying for. This will help you get the job that you are best at. Major qualities of a project manager include strong leadership, budget and schedule management, business and strategic management skills and also organisational expertise. Your determination also plays a significant role to make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

7 Life Skills That Make You A Person-In-Demand

6. SEM, SEO and Social Media Savvy:

Companies today seek employees who are well versed with the social media promotion techniques and tricks. But you need to understand that social media is not just about following your favourite personalities on Twitter or chatting the entire day on Facebook. Social media is lot more than that. You need to develop a strategy to effectively utilize social networks to promote yourself. Employers in all major companies are specifically seeking such candidates who excel in search engine optimisation and search engine marketing.

7 Life Skills That Make You A Person-In-Demand

5. Crucial Thinking and Data Analysis:

Crucial Thinking and Data Analysis is perhaps one of the most important and abstract in-demand skills that employers desire to find in prospective candidate. It is the ability to access and analyze the provided information to formulate and implement future policies and plans. Here your approach to prove your adroitness as a critical thinker becomes important. You need to relate and accentuate both pertinent real life and professional incidences where you have actually made use of these skills and excelled.

7 Life Skills That Make You A Person-In-Demand

4. Sales Experience:

You require a few implied skills to go along with mastering the art of selling. You need to be eloquent to relate to the properties of the product that you are selling. Also you need to be composed and patient at all times and wait on your customers to determine that they are interested in your product. If you have a talent to relate to a variety of people and can adjust your speech according to their personality, then you are sure to bag in positive feedback.

7 Life Skills That Make You A Person-In-Demand

3. Writing:

Almost every job description includes a line seeking a candidate with strong communication skills. It is indeed a very significant requirement as a manager is not expected to make any sort of grammatical error. You need to have strong written and verbal communication skills to be able to express yourself confidently. You need to have thorough knowledge about spellings, subject-verb agreement and proper tenses. Also remember the way you write on the social networking sites.

7 Life Skills That Make You A Person-In-Demand

2. Fluency in Computer Languages:

Though common computer languages such as Python, Java and C++ will be necessary to know always, but employers are also seeking engineered candidates who hold a proficiency in Rails and Ruby. Excelling in JavaScript is also very important as it is changing significantly almost every day. An excellent example is building mobile phone applications, which is currently a blossoming subsector.

7 Life Skills That Make You A Person-In-Demand

1. Problem Solving:

The ability of a person to identify a problem and intelligently plan out for a successful solution is perhaps one of the most important traits that the employers are looking forward in their prospective employees. And just like having the experience of your social media skills, problem solving skills also develops well with any previous professional experience. You can cleverly exhibit your skills by specifying and detailing examples on your resume or cover letter and make sure to mention how successfully you delivered results.

7 Life Skills That Make You A Person-In-Demand

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