7 Killer Ways To Get An Amazing Orgasm

11:48 am 18 Oct, 2013

An orgasm is the physical and emotional culmination of the sexual arousal. Men can have an orgasm easily but for women it is much harder to do. Many women never have an orgasm while having sex. But all is not bad for women as they do have the ability to have multiple orgasms which a man can only dream about. If a woman can learn how to have an orgasm every time she has sex, she can reap some great rewards. Here are 7 surefire tips that will help you get an amazing orgasm every time.

7. Know Your Body:

Many women are shy of their bodies and never really explore what turns them on and what doesn’t. Don’t be shy and explore your own body. Be comfortable with your body and appreciate it just the way it is. Don’t try to live up to unreal standards set by photoshopped pictures in magazines. Find out your own erogenous zones and help your partner find them.

Know Your Body

6. Exercise Your PC Muscle:

The PC muscle is the muscle that stretches from the pubic bone to the coccyx or tail bone. By strengthening these muscles you can make sure that blood is pumped to the pelvic floor which will lead to an orgasm. By contracting and relaxing this muscle you can make it stronger. Men too can strengthen their PC muscle for better orgasms.

Exercise Your PC Muscle

5. Relax:

Relaxing during sex is important to be able to have an orgasm. If you tense up then you won’t be able to enjoy the experience and you’ll have no orgasm. Remember to relax both physically and mentally. Don’t think about the emotional problems of your relationship while having sex. Be in the right frame of mind before getting in bed with your partner as otherwise the whole exercise will be futile. But also remember that sometimes strong emotions such as anger can actually heighten the passion and lead to a better orgasm. So learn to go with the flow.


4. Control Your Breathing:

Learning to control your breathing will help you a great deal in having amazing orgasms. By taking deep and long breaths you can prolong and delay orgasm and when you are ready, take short and quick breaths to increase the heart rate. This will help you achieve a great orgasm every time. By controlling your breathing you control the amount of blood that is supplied to the pelvic floor and so control your own orgasms. Maintaining a rhythmic breathing also helps in achieving better orgasms.

Control Your Breathing

3. Use Sex Toys:

Using help in the form of sex toys is not a bad idea to aid in your sexual activities. Vibrators can help you to prepare for your partner. Other toys can also be used in various ways. The idea is to experiment with new things to make it more interesting and exciting. Once you get into the world of sex toys you’ll find that there are a whole lot of devices made just to intensify your sexual experiences.

Use Sex Toys

2. Shake up the Routine:

Getting into a routine is the worst thing for your sex life. This can happen a lot after marriage. But to make sure that your sex life remains lively, remember to shake up things once in a while. Don’t settle into a boring routine. No one can have an orgasm that way when sex becomes just another chore. Try different positions or watch a sexy movie or go on a vacation. If nothing else, try checking into a hotel for a night in your own city. You can also try role playing games or increase the time spent on foreplay.

Young couple making love

1. Hang Your Head:

Many women find that one cool trick to use in the bedroom is to hang your head from the side of the bed. By doing this you ensure that blood rushes to your brain which can intensify the experience of orgasms. It is a great little trick to help you achieve better orgasms. Try it and see for yourself if it works. But remember to not do it every time you have sex as it will lose it’s effectiveness if it becomes a routine.

Hang Your Head

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