7 Interesting Facts Of Google Glass You Should Know

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google glass facts

Its been more than an year since Google started pastering which is called ” Project Glass “.In 13 months, Glass has gone from Star Trek fantasy to reality. It’s been quite the whirlwind of activity.

The “wearable computing” age was depended upon us, and it’s been widely reported that Apple was working on a watch, therefore many assumed that Google was working on a similar device to keep up.

Lets take a stroll down look over the facts that Google share about this Project Galass :-

# Fact 1:

There are seven voice commands built into this first “Explorers” edition of Google Glass. Two of those six are search-related: “google…” and “get directions to….” The others are “take a photo,” “record a video,” “send a message to,” “make a call to” and “start a Hangout with.”

google glass facts


# Fact 2:

The device automatically shows us the kind of information Google thinks we will be  looking for. There’s no Web browser in Google Glass, so there’s nothing to navigate to. So, search on Glass is built for finding information, not for finding webpages. Search is fully voice-activated. You start by saying “okay, glass,” then you say “google” to bring up the search screen.

google glass facts

# Fact 3:

Glass will come  outfitted with a 5-megapixel camera that will shoot video at 720p. The specs will connect to networks via 802.11b/g WiFi and also have Bluetooth, so it will connect with “any Bluetooth-capable phone.”

google glass facts

# Fact 4:

For sound, Google has chosen to forgo traditional headphones or earbuds in favor of a bone conduction transducer, which transmits  audio to the wearer’s inner ear via the bones in his or her skull.

google glass facts


# Fact 5:

Glass has 16 gigabytes of total memory, with 12 usable gigabytes, and battery life will last about a day with “typical use.” Google concedes that features like video recording and Google Hangouts will drain the battery more quickly.

google glass facts


# Fact 6:

The glasses will ship with a Micro USB cable and charger, and Google emphasized that even though there are many types of USB cables, Glass-owners should use the included charger. “Use it and preserve long and prosperous Glass use.”

google glass facts


# Fact 7:

Samsung will provide the display technology to be used in the version of  Google Glass that is shipped to consumers.

google glass facts

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