7 Insanely Popular Poster Boys Around The World

8:08 am 25 Oct, 2013

History is replete with the mention of legends who’ve left behind permanent marks on the sands of time. Insane as they were, some of them became highly popular poster boys for having dedicated themselves to the cause of humanity and promoting the same through their art and talent. They are the very epitome of success, and we look up to them with great respect and love in our hearts. They still rule of hearts of millions of people, young and old. Below is a list of top 7 insanely popular poster boys around the world. Read along!

7. Fidel Castro:

Fidel Castro was a political leader of Cuba. He is remembered as the man who remodeled his country into the first communist state in the entire Western Hemisphere. Because of his communist activities he soon became the symbol of communist revolution in Latin America. Fidel Castro held his tenure as the Prime Minister of Cuba from 1959-1976 and later as President from up to 2008. The enigma of Fidel Castro is still recognized with his trademark beard.

 7 Insanely Popular Poster Boys Around The World

6. Nelson Mandela:

A legend himself, Nelson Mandela is the former President of South Africa. He was the first one to be elected in a completely representative democratic election where he held his office tenure for 5 years. Long before his presidency period, Mandela was world known for his anti-apartheid activities. The South–African courts even convicted him with charges of sabotage and many other criminal charges, while he led his apartheid movement. For all such criminal litigations against him, Mandela served about 27 years of his life in prison. Following his release in 1990, Mandela supported negotiation and reconciliation and even helped leading the transition towards multi-racial democracy in South Africa. Mandela has received over a hundred awards in the last four decades, amongst which Nobel Prize received by him in 1993, is most significant.

7 Insanely Popular Poster Boys Around The World

5. Bob Marley:

Bob Marley is the first rock artist to come out of the Third World Country as the father of reggae music. With his exceptionally gifted talent, Bob Marley could skillfully mix protest music with pop. The basic theme of all his songs revolved around rebellion, faith and determination that later became the most important part of the pop and rock canon. It’s been almost thirty years since his death and still his hits including “No Women No Cry” and “Three Little Birds” are still as vivacious as ever.

7 Insanely Popular Poster Boys Around The World

4. John Lennon:

John Lennon was the founder and most iconic member of the Beatles. John was an extraordinarily talented songwriter, musician and singer, who embarked on a solo career when the Beatles group disbanded in 1970. “Imagine” and “Give Peace a Chance” are two music compositions that made the man an immortal legend. John Lennon’s vivaciously confessional solo work along with his political activism greatly influenced and impacted the succeeding generations of lyricist, musicians and even social reformers.

 7 Insanely Popular Poster Boys Around The World

3. James Dean:

James Dean rose to fame within a short span of about 18 months. With only three films, James Dean changed everybody’s outlook towards movies. James Dean had done a couple of television shows before his big break in “East of Eden”. This was the only movie that was released prior to his death. Following his first release, James Dean was immediately signed to play Jim Stark, his most memorable role for which he is best remembered in “Rebel without a Cause”. Later in “Giant,” Dean played the lead role. Both these films were however released after his death. Dean is the only iconic actor who nominated twice for the Academy Award posthumously.

7 Insanely Popular Poster Boys Around The World

2. Michael Jackson:

The biggest pop star of the ‘80s, Michael Jackson is unquestionably nicknamed as the “King of Pop” or simply “MJ”. At the age of 5, MJ was the lead vocalist of his group. He had a remarkable range and depth of music even at such tender age. He spell bounded the audience with his outstanding ability of conveying complex and deep emotions. MJ released his solo album at the age of 13. Besides being a singer, songwriter and pop star, MJ was the biggest dancer, the world has ever seen. His patented “Moon Walk” still awes all his fans. He was also a businessman and a philanthropist.

7 Insanely Popular Poster Boys Around The World

1. Ernesto Guevara:

Popularly known as Che Guevara, he was a prominent communist figure in the Cuban revolution. An Argentine Marxist revolutionary, theoretician and author, diplomat and military theorist, Che was the leader of the Guerrilla Warfare. By the time revolutionary movement gained power in 1959, Che was an eminent personality and held important posts in the government. In 1967, he turned up as the head of a revolutionary movement, but was unfortunately captured by the Bolivian army and later killed. Che still lives in the hearts and minds of many people as their role model and an epitome of a selfless and dedicated revolutionary. Today the monochromic graphic image of Che’s face has become one of the world’s best selling universally merchandized images found on a list of items, such as t-shirts, posters, tattoos, hats and so many more.

7 Insanely Popular Poster Boys Around The World

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