6 IAS Officers Who Were Jailed Recently

10:00 pm 26 Feb, 2014

IAS Officers are the topmost civil servants in India. But not all are serving the nation as they had vowed to right before joining office. Conspiracy, fraudulence and corruption have found their influence into the services too.

It is very difficult to suspect an IAS Officer at a preliminary level. Some are successful in shielding themselves from the eyes of the law, while some get caught in the process. The ones who are caught get rigorous imprisonment, but the problem does not seize to be. Corruption does stay and affect the society at a much more serious level. Here are 7 IAS Officers who were recently jailed:

6. Shashi Karnawat

IAS Officer Shashi Karnawat has been found guilty by the Economics Offence Wing (EOW) who found that she had submitted fake stationary bills amounting to Rs. 34 lakh in 1999-2000 when she was serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the District Panchayat. She has been sentenced to five years of rigorous imprisonment and has been imposed with a fine of Rs. 50 lakh for charges of corruption, forgery and criminal conspiracy by a special court in Mandla, a district 400 km east of Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, a tribal-dominated area. Although She is still refuting charges against her, claiming that her being a Dalit Officer is being used against her.


5. Y. Srilakshmi

Y. Srilakshmi was accused and arrested by the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) for charges against illegal mining in Obulapuram Mining Company. The ore mined is to be used by the local steel plants i.e. captive mining, but was illegally exported by Srilakshmi and the rest included in her group. In giving license to the Obulapuram Mining Company Srilakshmi has been accused of missing out on the term ‘captive mining’. She has insisted that she had done that on the insistence of a minister although that has been denied. She was suspended from her office and jailed.


4. Baseer Ahmad Khan

Baseer Ahmad Khan, a senior IAS Officer was arrested by the Jammu and Kashmir State Vigilance Organization on charges of illegally transferring government land worth crores. This happened in Gulmarg where transferring land owned by the government was deemed illegal since the 1960s. The Deputy Commissioner of Kishtwar District, Khan, was henceforth jailed in this scam. He had misused his post and due to the corruption charges levied on him, was made to appear before the court of Special Judge, Anti-corruption.


3. Rakesh Kumar Jain

IAS Officer Rakesh Kumar Jain was the director of the commerce department and was suspended in the year 2010 and later arrested on charges of corruption. He was also fined a sum of Rs. 2 lakh for being accused of taking bribes of worth Rs. 7.5 lakh. He was mainly accused of using his position by taking bribes to assist the transfer of coal linkage which was acquired by a Jharkhand based company known as SISCO (Shivam Iron and Steel Company). The CBI judge Dharmesh Sharma had held him guilty on charges of conspiracy and other crimes under the IPC and Prevention of Corruption Act.

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2. Shamim Banu

IAS Officer Shamim Banu was known to be the perfect leader and officer until the mining scam in Karnataka took place. She was then serving as an administrative member of the Karnataka Administrative Tribunal. She was charged for purportedly abetting illegal actions which were being carried out by the Deccan Mining Syndicate (DMS) by the CBI. A charge-sheet was produced and she was hence jailed. Investigation made on the DMS revealed the corruption going on within and resulted in her arrest.



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1. S. Malaichamy

IAS Officer S. Malaichamy (batch of 1970) a man of 72 years who was the MD at Khadi Gram Udyog was handed over to the police for a five-year jail term and charged a fine of Rs. 10 lakh. He was found guilty by a Delhi court of having illegal possessions of more than Rs. 52 lakh. Dinesh Kumar Sharma, who was the CBI special judge, gave him the jail term. His case was seen as an act of shame by a senior official since such posts are given to people expecting them to serve the people with best of interests.


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