7 Hollywood Stars You’d Love As Your Chauffeur

3:00 am 22 Dec, 2013

Life in the twenty first century comes loaded with tensions and maladies; so much so that we hardly get time to think about ourselves – this is a contemporary universal truth! However, that never stops us from dreaming and fantasizing the obscure. For instance, only yesterday I had a dream where Clooney was my chauffeur!

This made me to think about many Hollywood Stars, who might fit the bill of being fantasy Chauffeurs for us common folks. Here’s the list of 7 dashing hunk stars who’d definitely make classy Chauffeurs.

7. Brad Pitt

The Ocean’s” series actor has mesmerized everyone with his killer smile and charming boyish looks. Since the time he joined the film industry, he has always been in news—sometimes for his acting skills, sometimes for his relationships and, of late, for his devotion to charity and world peace. You may like him or hate him, but you can never ignore him—this might seem quite a clichéd statement, nevertheless, it stands true for Pitt.

7 Hollywood Stars You’d Love As Your Chauffeur

6. Christian Bale

The Dark Knight” star has swayed everyone off their feet with his mesmerizing acting skills and looks! With his longish dark wavy hair, sharp nose and light French cut beard—and not to forget the flirtatious smile—he is perhaps every woman’s dream man. This “good guy” of Hollywood has been married to Sandra Balzic for the past Thirteen years!!

7 Hollywood Stars You’d Love As Your Chauffeur

5. Rowan Atkinson

Okay, after Pitt and Bale, he might seem an odd-one-out, but trust me, if given a chance, I’d definitely have this person as my chauffeur. He might not be ideally a handsome person, but this MIT graduate has two things which others don’t have: wit and humor. At an epoch when laughing is a rare phenomenon, Mr. Bean is perhaps the best person to be out with—on a daily basis and so why not have him Chauffeur you!

7 Hollywood Stars You’d Love As Your Chauffeur

4. Leonardo Di Caprio

There might be hardly a few girls worldwide who haven’t ever been a Leonardo “Jack” Di Caprio fan. This young lad (back then) with blue eyes and golden hair drove every woman (irrespective of age) crazy with his 1997 film, Titanic, a worldwide Super hit. Although many years have passed since Titanic, Di Caprio has been consistent in delivering great performances each time—resulting in more female fans!

7 Hollywood Stars You’d Love As Your Chauffeur

3. Johnny Depp

Perhaps one of the most versatile actors ever, Johnny Depp is the thinking women’s dream date! Charismatic, humorous, witty, sexy—one would fall short of words while describing this charming person. I wonder whether there’s any single person who doesn’t like this stalwart who can portray all sorts of roles—be it of the innocent ostracized monster in “Edward Scissorhands” or the serial killer in “Sweeney Todd”—with equal confidence, appeal and élan. For those who’re still unaware of his majestic wit, read the “Foreword to Burton on Burton.”

7 Hollywood Stars You’d Love As Your Chauffeur

2. Gregory Peck

Yes, I know he’s a yesteryear actor, and I know that he isn’t alive anymore. But so what? The best thing about dreaming or fantasizing is that you do not have to abide by any rules and regulations for the same. Okay, let’s face the truth, my fantasies with him started when I first saw “Roman Holiday” and he was driving the scooter with the gorgeous Audrey Hepburn as his pillion rider! What a grand scene it was!! Besides, I wonder whether there’s any person who wouldn’t fall for that tall gentleman with a lopsided smile and that pipe hanging down his lips!

7 Hollywood Stars You’d Love As Your Chauffeur

If you’re granted the wish of having him as your chauffeur, go for a long, romantic drive around Greece—a place for the ever-green souls.

1. Woody Allen

He’s short, he’s lanky, he’s cranky, he’s been sporting the same glasses since 1970, yet he’s one of the sexiest persons ever. Woody Allen, the actor, comedian, musician, director and writer, is the master of all trades. Besides, his stunning humor and quick wit can win any person with brains! Just like Johnny Depp, he too, can be claimed as a thinking woman’s man. Although many people find him quite a pervert (yes, he married his daughter!), he is one of his kind. Respect for him.

7 Hollywood Stars You’d Love As Your Chauffeur

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