7 Most Haunted Castles In The World

10:25 am 23 Nov, 2013

Watching a haunting scene on the big screen can send shivers down your spine and make you feel goose bumps over the skin. It’s no surprise, you start sweating profusely even when you know you it’s only an enactment. Such are the feelings that scary situations often elicit even from the brave hearts. Just imagine now, what if you land in one of these haunted places and that too alone? But, do such places exist in real? Yes, some structures/castles have been investigated to be associated with a spooky history. These places are home to some real haunting souls. As the day dawns, supposed paranormal activities take centre stage within these historic structures. Although, these haunted castles look magnificent from outside, they have many scary stories hidden within their walls.

7. Belcourt Castle, Rhode:

Belcourt Castle is located in Newport, Rhode Island. The structure is famous for its extravagant stable. In the year 1956, a new owner named Tinney Family bought the property. It is believed that his soul still roams the castle. The place sends chilly feeling up in the spine even in images.

7 Most Haunted Castles In The World

6. Predjama Castle, Slovenia:

Architecture of its own kind, Predjama Castle is built within a cave. The origins of the castle date back to the 12th century, but it was only in 1511 that it was rebuilt after it was destroyed in an earthquake. The castle got rebuilt again in the year 1567. The place shares about 700 years of violent history and hence, is regarded as extremely haunted.

7 Most Haunted Castles In The World

5. Chillingham Castle, England:

Located in the northern part of England, the castle served as a fortress to repel attacks from the Scots. Chillingham Castle is known to have witnessed a lot of bloodshed during several battles. Interestingly, the castle found mention in at least 6 ghost-related shows. A childlike ghost known as the blue boy is regularly seen by visitors in the pink room as a flash of blue light in this medieval castle.

7 Most Haunted Castles In The World

4. Castle Bran, Romania:

Anything that can bring vampires to mind, it’s the Castle Bran or Dracula’s Castle that is located in Romania. Lying beautifully within high peaks of Transylvania, the castle has many stories associated with it. Although, there is no clear evidence about Vlad the Imapler residing here during his reign of terror, the feeling that the place radiates is exactly similar to what is mentioned in the history books about the cruel ruler. He believed in torturing prisoners to near death. To explore more about the castle, you must pay a visit to the spooky structure. The Chapel situated in the bottom further adds element of creepiness to the ambience.

7 Most Haunted Castles In The World

3. Witches Castle, Austria:

Moosham Castle or better known as Witches Castle is more famous for its disturbed past than the magnificent architecture it hosts. According to legend, thousands of women who were accused of possessing witch powers were tortured and killed in the castle. It’s for the reason the place has become one of the most feared places in the world.

7 Most Haunted Castles In The World

2. Leap Castle, Ireland:

Leap Castle is probably the most haunted castle in Ireland. Those who have entered it admit that it’s the best place for ghost hunt. If you are interested in smelling dead souls, then this is the place for you. According to legend, two brothers, one was a warrior and other a priest, fought a bloody battle which lead to death of a priest in the Castle. The castle is therefore known by the name ‘Bloody Chapel’.

7 Most Haunted Castles In The World

1. Edinburgh Castle, Scotland:

No. 1 in the list of haunted castles, Edinburg Castle is situated atop volcanoes and finds its origin to the 12th century. The castle has witnessed numerous bloody battles in the past. Deep down in the basement lie dungeons, which were used for torturing prisoners of war. Archeologists claim the castle to be in form since Iron Age. The structure may well be the longest continually occupied site in the history of Scotland and therefore, shares number of haunted stories.

7 Most Haunted Castles In The World

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