7 Hairstyles That Make Your Kid Even More Cute

1:04 pm 18 Dec, 2013

Kids in the twenty-first century are no way like those back from the ages bygone. They’re driven by a new syllogism that defines them as “young adults”. In comparison to earlier times when kids were happy emulating their fathers or their mothers; today’s kids are always hell bent on looking like the divas and dudes of the film industries and the fashion world. For fashion, their parents can go to the near supermarket, but what about the hairstyles? Can a kid ever look “cool” and cute without a unique and superb hairstyle? Still in doubt what hairstyle must you try on your kids? Go ahead and take a look:

7. Braided pigtails:

Braids are one of the oldest hairstyles we know of. No matter how old and how simple it is, it can never go wrong on anyone—even on kids. Just part your kid’s hair, make two braids on each side and your kid is ready to go. It brings forth that guileless innocence in the child which no other attire or hairstyle can. However, if you want it to be a bit different, you just can part your kid’s hair on one side. Simple and sweet, isn’t it?

7 Hairstyles That Make Your Kid Even More Cute

6. French Braids:

French Braids are another classic hairstyle for kids. French braids are perhaps one of the best and elegant hairstyles ever, and they look great on kids too. If your kid loves to play outdoor games and is really very difficult to tackle, then this is surely the hairstyle for her. It’ll not only make her look cute, but also keep her hair in good condition. However, try this hairstyle only if your kid is above 5 years of age, otherwise it might look a bit ostentatious.

7 Hairstyles That Make Your Kid Even More Cute

5. Bob haircut:

Yet another classy hairstyle and a must-do on kids. No matter what the age of your kid is, this hairstyle will never go wrong or out of style. Just remember to cut the hair just at the jaw line. Layering the ends of hair will bring bounce to your kid’s hair without making it look like a bird’s nest.

7 Hairstyles That Make Your Kid Even More Cute

4. Twisted buns:

The twisted buns or the hairstyles of ballerinas are perhaps the cutest ones for kids. You may even try it on your 3 year old kid! It is a great way of pulling hair up and hence, preventing it from falling over and disturbing your kid’s eyes. Just part the hair right in the middle and make ponytails which you’ll twist to make buns. Yes, it’s that easy and quick to make your daughter look cute!

7 Hairstyles That Make Your Kid Even More Cute

3. Soft wavy hair:

Don’t have any hairstyle for your son? You needn’t worry anymore. The soft wavy hair will look just perfect on your kid. It’s like the quintessential ‘Beatles’ hairstyles loved by all and sundry, albeit shorter. It’s perfect for your kid, especially if he’s one of the sporty kinds! The best thing about this hairstyle is that though it gives out an unruly and messy effect, it still looks groomed and polished. It’s clearly a ‘must try’ hairstyle on your son!

7 Hairstyles That Make Your Kid Even More Cute

2. Neatly side-parted hair:

This is the classic Gregory Peck hairstyle which can never go wrong on anyone from any age group. It gives a neat and perfect aura to the kids, which many people crave for. Be it in school or in the play ground or in some birthday party, this look can be carried anywhere, anytime. Besides it captures the innocence of a child in a way which many other hairstyles cannot. So, without delay, try the hairstyle on your son and see the changes.

7 Hairstyles That Make Your Kid Even More Cute

1. Ponytail:

This is perhaps the staple hairstyles for girls since time immemorial. It is perhaps the simplest and the best hairstyle for a girl that’s able to bring out the innocence and purity of a child just exquisitely. Besides, you don’t have to be a pro-hairstylist to tie a ponytail on your kid—anyone and everyone can do it, and herein lays its specialty. Longer or shorter hair, this hairstyle can do justice to any length of hair. So, try this hairstyle at once and see your little princess look even cuter!

7 Hairstyles That Make Your Kid Even More Cute

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