7 Gift Ideas For Your Fashion Obsessed Friend

9:03 am 11 Dec, 2013

Buying a gift for a fashionable friend can be tedious, yet glamorous. You have to do your research and can’t just buy anything off the shelf. You should know her taste and her personality. There is a wide range of gift ideas you can choose from. Branded make up, shoes, bags, clothes, jewellary, the list is endless. Looking good is a stylish mix and match of all the factors. With so many brands available be sure to do your homework, check out the reviews, comments, compare the prices and then decide. Be sure to track the discounts and get the best deal possible. Depending on the season and occasion the clothes can be broadly classified into casual or party wear. There are different degrees of whether you want to look flashy, subtle or just right for the occasion. Shoes are a very essential part to make a full impact of your image. Here is a list of must have fashion items.

7. Camilla Skovgaard Platform Heels:

These are one of kind statement gold heels. The heel and foot have an unconventional design, which gives you aerodynamic support. Match them with any dress and they are bound to turn heads. These shoes are known for their aesthetic beauty combined with high quality. Combination of fluidity, severity and restraint give them a unique character. The heels are a statement in their own.

7 Gift Ideas For Your Fashion Obsessed Friend

6. Lizard Print Leather Diary:

It is the epitome of luxury in London diaries. It’s a sure shot winner for a gift. Make it personal by embossing your friends name or message, by the engraving service. Old yet stylish these diaries are hand made from soft and supple Italian calf leather. Perfect for keeping travel notes or sketches, they can be custom made in any shade or color you please. The paper quality is very superior and you can write will all kinds of ink or pens in it.

7 Gift Ideas For Your Fashion Obsessed Friend

5. Fiji friendship bracelet:

Jewellery by Monica Vinader is an all time favorite. Her friendship bracelet from Fiji is very chic. Give it to that special friend and make her day. Do not look for an occasion, this bracelet is so special that it will make any day memorable. It is the ultimate gift for an iconic friendship. Available in mix of colors and finishes, you can have it in silver and 18ct gold.

7 Gift Ideas For Your Fashion Obsessed Friend

4. Slim Leg Leather Trousers:

Every woman needs to own a pair of leather trousers, to complete her wardrobe. They do not the pinch the pocket, but are sure eye candy. And it can be paired with a white top or a jazzy one or a stylish jacket will do too. Available in shades of brown and in slim fit and wide, they look expensive, but will cost you less than a pair of designer ear rings.

7 Gift Ideas For Your Fashion Obsessed Friend

3. Frends Layla Headphones:

They do come under the technology gift banner, but can easily pass a fashion cum function essential test. They are very pretty and a little pink too. Leather padded ear and memory foams with a finely crafted exterior. The cord is soft touch. The mic is three buttons with all controls. They are compatible with Apple and other android phones.

7 Gift Ideas For Your Fashion Obsessed Friend

2. Anton Heunis Draped Necklace:

It is the ultimate gift for a woman and you have surely wooed her for this lifetime with this gift. This designer has a signature modern vintage style that succeeds in creating coveted jewels, for any occasion. Suitable to go with all kinds of dresses, no two pieces are similar. The pieces are hand crafted and available in gold, silver and other precious and semi precious metals. There are bright and catchy and subtle and classy pieces available.

7 Gift Ideas For Your Fashion Obsessed Friend

1. Meadham Kirchhoff for Topshop Pie:

Having even a single piece of this collection is a style statement in itself. This is the most talked about collaboration on the street today. It’s a hit in all Secret Santa themes. The pieces are so unique and eye catching that you are bound to get attention wherever you go. The color themes, the handiwork, the quality of the finishes product, all make it a brand apart.

7 Gift Ideas For Your Fashion Obsessed Friend

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