7 Foods To Avoid Before Going To Bed

10:32 am 27 Nov, 2013

Do you experience the feeling of bloated stomach accompanied by heart burn, while sleeping at night? If yes, then these are the symptoms of over eating or consuming invariably excessive quantities of high calorie foods right before sleeping. You directly go to sleep after having your dinner, without actually realizing that you have eaten more than what you should. Certain foods such as the high calorie nosh, negatively affect your body, especially if consumed at the night time. Even late night dining decisions can wreck havoc on your stomach and make you suffer from indigestion. Such bad eating habits can even disrupt your sleep, if you don’t start avoiding these foods before your bed time.

7. Processed Snacks and Chips:

Processed foods should not only be avoided during the night time, but all throughout the day. Snacks and chips constitute the high calorie foods that contain monosodium glutamate in very high quantities. Consumption of such foods on regular basis leads to sleeping disorders and various other problems related to stomach.

7 Foods To Avoid Before Going To Bed

6. Alcoholic Beverages:

Majority of people think that consuming copious amount of alcohol puts them into a deep daze resulting into a great sleep, but it is actually the opposite. In reality alcohol is a depressant that actually makes you drowsy, but soon after a while its effects reverses. Drinking alcohol right before bed not only causes heart burn, but also reduces sleep as it causes night sweats that wake you up repeatedly, making you feel less refreshed in the morning. Another disadvantage is that alcohol is very high in calorie content.

7 Foods To Avoid Before Going To Bed

5. Certain Vegetables:

Now, you must be wondering how consumption of vegetables right before your bed time can negatively affect your health? It is very true that vegetables are the best source of nutrition and are delicious too. But there are certain vegetables which if consumed before sleeping can cause excessive flatulence and make you feel full for a longer time. The veggies that should be avoided before sleeping include onions, cabbage and broccoli as they contain high quantities of insoluble fiber. Without much exertion, your digestive system is incapable of processing these veggies at night when you sleep.

7 Foods To Avoid Before Going To Bed

4. Dark Chocolates:

Various studies have proved dark chocolate to be a good supplement for your memory and brain. But, it is also true that dark chocolates contain very high calorie content. So eating dark chocolates right before your bed time is definitely not recommended. You can consume a very small piece as a dessert, but having rich quantities of chocolate containing caffeine and various other stimulants will turn you more active, putting your mind to work rather than sleep.

7 Foods To Avoid Before Going To Bed

3. Red Meat:

A big juicy streak or nice brisket, red meat is a great treat for anybody. But the problem lies in the fact that red meat is loaded with fats, proteins and iron, which poses a challenge for you digestive system to process the food especially at the night time when you go to sleep. To have a peaceful sleep, you ideally want your digestive system to be comfortable and meat on the other hand takes longer to get digested compared to other foods. So simply avoid meat before sleeping as your digestive system will be busy to break it down all night.

7 Foods To Avoid Before Going To Bed

2. Ice Cream:

What could be more comforting than having ice cream for dessert, but there is certainly a limit to its soothing properties. A bowl of ice cream is so laden with fats that it instantly pumps up your body to extreme energies right before you go so sleep. Plus the sugar in the ice cream gets stored and is ultimately converted into body fat, resulting into lose-lose situation overall.

7 Foods To Avoid Before Going To Bed

1. Pasta:

Pasta is an absolute “no” food for dinner. Despite the fact that it is easy to cook and is very filling, you still cannot consider it for dinner. Pasta is a storehouse of carbohydrates and as it’s cooking involves lots of cheese and oil, which finally result into fats when you go to sleep, so you definitely need to keep away from it.

7 Foods To Avoid Before Going To Bed

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