7 Most Famous Sculptures By Ram V Sutar

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9:00 pm 15 Aug, 2014

You might have heard his name in the corridors of bureaucracy during Mayawati’s regime, or else if you are related to the field of art and painting. We are talking about Padmashree winner, the most prominent sculptor of this centuryMr. Ram V Sutar. In his mid 80’s he is still going strong and working for almost 80 hours a week. If you ask his son, who is also his business manager, they have a backload of six months still to be cleared. He is a leading contender for the artist, for Prime Minster Modi’s dream project of installing the biggeststatue of Sardar Patel, in Gujarat. Born in 1925 in a poor family in Maharashtra, Ram Sutra has come a long way and can easily be called God’s Blessed child. Heusuallyworks in bronze and has to his credit a long list of statutes installed all over the country. Statutes like:

7. The Krishna Arjun Rath Movement

Is located on the Brahma Sarover and is sixtyfeet in length and 35 feet high. It was installed in 2008 and is one of his most beautiful creations in bronze. It depicts the episode from Mahabhartha when Krishna was the charioteer for Arjun.

Famous Sculptures By Ram V Sutar

6. Mahatma Gandhi in a meditation pose

This bronzestatue is 16 feet high and captures the face expression most perfectly. It has been installed in the Parliament House in New Delhi in 1993.

Famous Sculptures By Ram V Sutar

5. Statue of Shivaji riding a horse

This magnificent statue of Shivaji is installed at the Belwadi stadium in Pune. It is 21 feet high and the project was completed in 2008. It shows Shivaji riding his favoritehorse all set to take on the enemy.

Famous Sculptures By Ram V Sutar

4. Cement Statue of Trimurti

This beautiful sculpture in cement has been installed in Mauritius and is seven feet in height. The artist had taken up this project in 1973. It depicts the joint heads of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

Famous Sculptures By Ram V Sutar

3. Bhim Rao Ambedkar

This statue was part of Mayawati’s ambitious campaign of installingstatues of herself and her guru all over the state. This perfect statue is made out of bronze, is 18 feet high and was installed in 2008. It shows the writer of the constitution in a thoughtful mood hoalding a book.

Famous Sculptures By Ram V Sutar

2. Shri Satya Sai Baba

Statue of Sai Baba is one of his finest and most appreciated works. This bronzestatue is six feet high, is made of bronze and is locatedat Chakur in Maharashtra. The artist captures the serenityand aura of the saint perfectly.

Famous Sculptures By Ram V Sutar

1. Shankar Dayal Sharma

This bronze bust is an excellent example of theartist’smastery over his art. The bust is 4 feet in height and is installed at the Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi. It was installed during the life time of Mr. Sharma and he was awed to see the creation.

Famous Sculptures By Ram V Sutar

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