7 Effective Ways To Gain Weight Quickly

10:18 am 8 Nov, 2013

Many would agree that gaining weight is not tough, especially if you are talking about unhealthy ways of gaining weight. Slop on your couch with enough soft drinks, fries and chips as you watch one movie after another, and within a week you will have gained enough weight. Ask those millions of obese people who will vouch how easy it is to pile on those pounds, where as it is nearly impossible to shed them. Not every person gains weight naturally. We all have envied that one person who can gulp down all those chocolates, ice-creams, cheese, fries and soft drinks without having to shop for new clothes. It is great challenge for them to gain some weight and put on those extra pounds to make them look healthy. If you walk down the path of gaining weight in an unhealthy manner, it will not be long that you start regretting your decision, as the ill effects are seen on your health and figure. Here are 7 effective ways to gain weight quickly, without adverse effects on your body and health.

7. Eat often:

Obese people usually have a strong bond with their refrigerator and kitchen.  Does that give you some clue? Eating often, nearly 5-6 meals a day will help you in putting on those elusive pounds. Make it 3 whole meals and 3 in between snacks if you are not comfortable with more than 3 meals a day. Instead of trying to consume more sugar, oil or fatty food, you can stick to healthy food and gain weight, if, you eat enough. Go for a bed time snack. Do not drink water before eating, as it reduces your appetite. Fill your refrigerator and dining table with food that you love munching on. Do not hesitate to reach out for them when you feel the yearning.

7 Effective Ways To Gain Weight Quickly

6. Include calorie dense food in your diet:

Calorie dense food like peanut butter, nuts, oats, cheese, ghee, olive oil, bananas, avocados, meat or yogurt provide you with not just calories for gaining weight, but good vitamins and nutrients to keep you healthy. Count your calories, and consume more than your regular requirement which is needed for maintaining weight. Once you reach your ideal weight, you cut back on those extra calories, and go back to maintaining your weight.

7 Effective Ways To Gain Weight Quickly

5. Provide enough post- workout fuel to your body:

Eating energy rich food after a sweaty workout will provide your body with necessary post-workout fuel which adds more muscles to your body. Working out will help you gain weight in right places, to make you look fit and healthy, but you will need to provide your body with enough fuel immediately after exercises for maximum effect.

7 Effective Ways To Gain Weight Quickly

4. Exercise to build muscle mass:

Though many associate exercises with weight loss programs, it is also considered the best way to gain weight by building muscle mass. Resistance training exercises like pull ups, bench presses, bar dips, squats and many more help you gain weight by adding muscles mass to your body. You have to take precaution to consume enough protein and calorie rich food to benefit fully from your exercises.

7 Effective Ways To Gain Weight Quickly

3. Keep your body well hydrated:

Drink plenty of water, milk shakes, butter milk, tender coconut water, soups and juices throughout the day to stay well hydrated. You have to avoid fluid intake before meals, so that your appetite will not be affected. Intake of sufficient fluids has other health benefits like controlling fatigue, preventing headaches, healing dry skin and improving bowel movements.

7 Effective Ways To Gain Weight Quickly

2. Sleep well:

Sleep has great influence over the weight gain and weight loss. It is not just important to get adequate sleep, but you should also ensure that you get quality sleep if you are planning on gaining weight. Sleep is directly linked to hormones that control our appetite. Disruption of sleep can interfere with your other activities preventing weight gain.

7 Effective Ways To Gain Weight Quickly

1. Be Happy:

If you are stressed out and sad, it is very unlikely that you will succeed in gaining weight. Studies have shown that constant stress can increase metabolism rate and release more adrenalin in our body, thus burning out more calories than usual. No matter what you eat, how much you exercise, you will not succeed in being healthy or gaining weight if you are suffering from stress and worry. Being relaxed and happy is very essential for your health as well for your weight gain.

7 Effective Ways To Gain Weight Quickly

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