7 Deadliest Snakes Which Can Smack Down You In An Instance

11:31 am 28 May, 2013

7. Belcher’s Sea Snake:

Its average length is 1.5 to a little over 3 feet. You will be surprised to know how deadly it can be when threatened. Its few grams of venom can kill thousands of people.

deadliest snakes of the world

6. Inland Taipan:

This dangerous snake lives in Australia. Its venom from a single bite of this spine-tingling reptile can kill about a hundred humans. Inland Taipan’s massively neurotoxic venom composition, which affects the nervous system quickly and severely

deadliest snakes of the world

5. Death Adders:

This specie can be found in Australia and New Guinea. This snake species possesses extremely lethal venom and is one of the swiftest strikers of all.

deadliest snakes of the world

4. Rattle Snake:

This snake is highly distinguishable for its tail which belongs to the pit viper snake family. It can degenerate organs and human body tissues and can disrupt them totally.

deadliest snakes of the world

3. Black Mama:

This dangerous snake can be found in African continent. It is one of  the fastest of all the land snakes with a speed of up to 12 mi/hr. It is also known to attack with acute precision and forcefulness.

deadliest snakes of the world

2. Anaconda:

Counted among one of the deadliest snakes across the globe, Anaconda has been popularized in the mainstream through various Hollywood movies. Its name is enough and yes it can swallow whole human irrespective of size.

deadliest snakes of the world

1. King Cobra:

King Cobra is the deadliest of its kind. The effects of its lethal bite include neurotoxicity and respiratory paralysis, which makes breathing difficult for a bitten human.

deadliest snakes of the world

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