7 Most Controversial Celebrities Of Bollywood

1:16 am 8 Nov, 2013

Controversies fit Bollywood like hands in a glove. Every year, we get to hear new and more shocking controversies involving mega stars of Bollywood. From bashing up each other, physically or verbally, drunken escapades, cheating on spouses, rapes to casting couches, the list and variety of controversies involving Bollywood celebrities can be mindboggling. I am not dwelling into the trivial controversies like Mallika Sherawat singing Happy Birthday to Modi, scandals of Veena Malik or the entry of porn star Sunny Leone. This is the list of celebrities who were caught up by controversies, rather than those stars who were made by their controversies.

7. Kabir Bedi:

Married four times, Kabir Bedi, the outstanding actor of Bollywood has been in middle of controversies involving his wife Protima Bedi, his much talked about affair with Parveen Babi, the suicide of his schizophrenic son Siddhart and recently his famous spat with daughter Pooja Bedi. A star, whose career has spanned over 3 continents, Kabir Bedi has always been very much talked about actor in India.

7 Most Controversial Celebrities Of Bollywood

6. Raj Kapoor:

The married Raj Kapoor’s affair with Nargis was one of the classic controversies of yesteryears. Though today we see every other film actress breaking marriages, it was not accepted so easily back in those days. When Nargis finally broke up with Raj Kapoor to marry Sunil Dutt, he was left heartbroken. He was also involved with actress of south Padmini and Vyjayanthimala. One of the best actors and directors of Bollywood, Raj Kapoor was also famous as the SHOWman whose unwarranted skin show of heroines like Padmini, Mandakini, Zeenat Aman, and Dimple Kapadia, both shocked and thrilled Indian audiences.

7 Most Controversial Celebrities Of Bollywood

5. Zeenat Aman:

The love interest of evergreen superstar Dev Anand, Zeenat Aman is known for her seductive presence on screen. Not many know that the actress had won a scholarship to study in California and worked as a journalist before turning to acting and modeling. Though on screen Zeenat portrayed the role of empowered woman, her real life was shrouded in controversies. She was beaten in public party by Sanjay Khan whom she is rumored to have married secretly, due to which she lost vision in one eye. She was also battered by her husband Mazhar Khan. Away from screen, she still manages to churn up controversies.

7 Most Controversial Celebrities Of Bollywood

4. Shiney Ahuja:

Shiney Ahuja, the hero of reel life turned villain in real life and raped his 18(20?) year old domestic help. He further threatened her life to prevent her from lodging an FIR against him. Though initially Ahuja denied the charges levied against him, finally he confessed to his crime. Later he was involved in a controversy of sexual harassment by his co-star Sayali Bhagat. His wife strongly defended him during both the controversies.

7 Most Controversial Celebrities Of Bollywood

3. Sanjay Dutt:

Though Sanjay Dutt has faced controversies throughout his life, his fans have never given up on him. Starting with drug addiction in his earlier years, due to which he spent 2 years in prison, Sanjay Dutt has success, fans and adversities following him always. Married thrice, Sanjay Dutt is at present serving six years’ rigorous imprisonment under the sentence of TADA court for illegal possession of weapons.

7 Most Controversial Celebrities Of Bollywood

2. Rekha:

Rekha is the star child of controversy. Beginning her career with a controversial hot scene with Biswajeet, Rekha has never looked back since. The highlight of controversies still remains her alleged affair with Amitabh Bacchan, and her ongoing efforts to get close to his family. She is famed for crossing the lines of limits both onscreen and off-screen to shock people more too often for her fans to be comfortable with.

7 Most Controversial Celebrities Of Bollywood

1. Salman Khan:

When it comes to star power or creating controversies, no one even come close to Salman Khan. From hunting the endangered species Chinkara, involvement in the infamous hit and run case, chasing after Aishwarya Rai to bashing up people (including some famous celebrities) now and then both on and off screen, Salman Khan has added variety to the controversies involving Bollywood. The short tempered, spoilt brat hero is loved by mass and creates hysteria among the fans wherever he goes, even though he has been rumored to mistreat his girlfriends and have connections with the underworld. His spats with SRK, Vivek Oberoi, John Abraham, Priyanka Chopra, and Subhash Ghai make headlines in Bollywood magazines.

7 Most Controversial Celebrities Of Bollywood

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