7 Classic Hindi Movies That Need A Remake

9:40 am 14 Aug, 2013

Remake of films dates back to the silent era of Bollywood but then of course mythological films were the first choice for filmmakers. Since then the movie industry has come a long way forward and so is the movie-making technology. There can’t be anything better than a film director remaking the success stories of yesteryear with a novel touch and cutting edge technical support. Here is a list of 7 classic movies that need a remake.

7. Andaz Apna Apna:

The Rajkumar Santoshi directed Hindi comedy film of 1994 was another of those cult movies that dropped on its face at the box-office for no clear reasons. Grippingly the duo of Aamir and Salman, who played the leading pair in the flick, are still admired and applauded for their comical performance in the movie. Every character, either ‘Crime Master Gogo’ or others started receiving huge praise from the audience only some years later when the movie’s real potential came forcefully into the public domain. There was a talk of a remake of the flick but considering the air tight schedules of both the mega stars, the probability is bleak but one could keep fingers crossed.

Andaz Apna Apna

6. Roja:

One of the most comprehensive Tamil political drama and romantic films of 1992, ‘Roja’ found critical acclamation from one and all after it hit the cinema theatres. Most importantly, the film was showered with three National Awards and the award for Best Film on National Integration. The film still is considered as a milestone for two living legends, Mani Ratnam and AR Rahman. The movie is full with perpetual touch and can be remade in a more touchy form depicting human relationships against the backdrop of various faces of Indian politics.


5. Shatranj Ke Khiladi:

This 1977 film directed by legendary filmmaker Satyajit Ray was based on a novel by Munshi Premchand that depicted the exasperating love of two nawabs for the game of chess. The movie describes how the two were unmoved even when the Britishers were on the verge of conquering their city as they didn’t want any kind of distraction in the game. The movie can be re-written to fit the contemporary times. Although, the commercial appeal wouldn’t be much, the flick can find much acceptance among the recently developed large class of parallel cinema lovers.

Shatranj Ke Khiladi

4. Jewel thief:

Current lot of films from the Bollywood genre is completely devoid of crime suspense thrillers of high quality. Although, there have been plentiful in offer, none instills chill in your spine the way this masterpiece directed by Vijay Anand starring late Dev Anand did. The movie deserves a remake and nothing more better than Anurag Kashyap bagging the project.

Jewel thief

3. Guide:

The 1965 mega hit movie starring evergreen Dev Anand and Waheeda Rehman was an adaption of RK Narayan’s book The Guide. Counted at one of the masterpieces from Bollywood, the film even finds a listing at number four position on the Time Magazine among of best-Bollywood Classics. The film was also screened in 2007 Cannes Film Festival and there are reports that it will soon be considered for a remake. But, it will be better if the Hindi film industry takes pain to reconstruct the subject for contemporary times.


2. Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar:

The delightfully penned down sports drama was perfectly directed by Mansoor Khan & starred Aamir Khan and various other actors. Unfortunately, the movie didn’t register a big -box-office success in commercial terms; the movie was reviewed by the critics as the best made sports flick of the time. Even till date, no other film can boast as much technical competence and story-appeal as this one.

Jo Jeeta Wahi Sikandar

1. Mother India:

Mehhboob Khan’s epic drama of 1957, which almost won an Oscar for India, the movie is constantly ranked in the list of top 5 best made classic movies globally ever by cinema magazines. Interestingly, the movie was a remake of the same director’s 1940 movie ‘Aurat’. The movie was based around the life of a poverty-stricken family, firmly trapped in the claws of money lenders. But, the lead actress still leads a life high on moral values and even confronts her own son during the defining circumstances. The movie deserves a remake as it can be an eye-opener for today audiences.

Mother India

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