7 Breathtaking Destinations In Switzerland

12:48 pm 10 Dec, 2013

Switzerland is Europe’s most popular travel destinations. This place attracts hundreds of tourists from all over the globe every year, who find solace in its beautiful and serene destinations. Switzerland is best known for its après-ski chicness, marvelous and world class resorts and hotels and Heidi like mountain villages.

But if you want to discover the real tranquil beauty of Switzerland then you are required to peel back the promotional veneer and you will discover a multi-faceted destination that transcends all the hype of the tourist-brochure and makes you explore a world well suited for a more sophisticated traveler.

Mentioned below is a list of 7 breathtaking destinations in Switzerland, specially compiled for all such travelers.

7. Zermatt:

In the Valais region of Switzerland and at the foot of Matterhorn, lays the popular region of Zermatt. It is perhaps one of the most photographed mountains in the world. To add to its grace, Zermatt lies in the middle of an enormous ski and hiking region, making it one of the most desirable and attractive villages for vacations. The region is also the favorite spot for the mountaineers as it offers Haute Route, which is a very tough and quite challenging international route. It takes several days for the trekkers to complete the track that leads from Mont Blanc to Zermatt.

7 Breathtaking Destinations In Switzerland

6. Basel:

Basel is by far the largest city of Switzerland and is nestled between France and Germany and is bisected by Rhine. This city is well known for its diverse cultural heritage, a multifaceted history and also convergence of modern art and architectural convergence. Travelers come across various historic landmarks such as the large market square that is richly decorated with its red sandstone town hall and also the Romanesque-Gothic cathedral.  Basel also comprises of about 40 museums and as such is also called as the “City of Art.” The most important celebration of the people of Basil is the yearly Fasnacht (Carnival).

7 Breathtaking Destinations In Switzerland

5. Lake Geneva Region:

The Lake Geneva Region is ranked as the fifth most popular destination in Switzerland. It encompasses Montreux, Lausanne and Lauvaux and even has the two UNESCO World Heritage Site listings. The world famous Montreux Jazz Festival takes place in Montreux every year in the months of June and July. Montreux is enclosed by astonishing vineyards set against the perfect backdrop of breathtaking snow clad Alps. Lavaux on the other hand offers a world of wonderful Vineyard terraces. Lausanne has its picturesque so mesmerizing that it’s no surprise at all that the International Olympic Committee has had its base here ever since 1914.

7 Breathtaking Destinations In Switzerland

4. Interlaken:

Located in Bernese Oberland Region in between the Lake Brienz and Lake Thun is Interlaken in Switzerland. It is presided over by the three mighty mountains namely, the Monch, the Junfrau and the Eiger. Interlaken is specifically regarded as the adventure capital of Switzerland as it comprises of more than 45 mountain ranges, chair lifts, ski lifts and cable cars combined with a dense network of hiking trails.

7 Breathtaking Destinations In Switzerland

3. Lucerne:

Lucerne is also referred by many travelers as the essence of Switzerland. It is actually the main gateway to the central part of the country and is present on the perfect picturesque of Lake Lucerne, which is set below the very beautiful panorama of the Alps. Adding to its sheer beauty is the care free town hosting the gable paintings. The town also supports a covered medieval bridge right in the centre. You will also come upon various historic houses attractively decorated with alluring frescoes. The Futuristic Culture and Convention Center (KKL) which was designed by the seasoned French architect Jean Nouvel, is perhaps one of the very famous architectural highlights of the town.

7 Breathtaking Destinations In Switzerland

2. Geneva:

Located in between the nearby Alpine peaks and the hilly terrain of Jura, Geneva lies in the bay where the Rhone leaves the Lake Geneva. Known for its cosmopolitan flair and humanitarian tradition, Geneva is Europe’s seat of the United Nations. It is also the headquarters of the Red Cross and as such is the prime “Capital of Peace”. It is a quaint city with its quays, elegant shops, lakeside promenades, lively side streets and parks. The very popular Jet d’Eau, which a famous fountain with a very high water jet, set in eth Lake Geneva is an icon of the city.

7 Breathtaking Destinations In Switzerland

1. Zurich:

Zurich is the top destination for many visitors in Switzerland. The city has been ruling the hearts and minds of many travelers who visit Switzerland. Situated on the northern shores of the Zurich Lake embodying a spectacular view of the snow clad Alpines over the horizon, Zurich’s multifaceted and multicultural spark and variety of leisure activities make it a destination most popular amongst the travelers.

7 Breathtaking Destinations In Switzerland

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